Review: Is Branch Loan App Legit?

Branch Loan stands out as a loan platform that offers the convenience of quick online loans in Nigeria. With no need for paperwork, this personal finance app offers instant access to loans. Moreover, it’s not just about loans you can also carry out normal transactions on the app.

Beyond Nigeria, the app operates in four countries, including Kenya, Tanzania, and India. Nigerians can get loans ranging from ₦2,000 to ₦500,000 Naira.

To get the Branch loan app and create an account, follow these steps:

Step 1: Install the App

To register on Branch loan app, you’ll first need to visit your device’s app store. All you have to do is type “Branch” in the search bar and look for the app with that name. Once you find it, click on the install button.

Step 2: Choose Your Language

When you open the app, it will ask you to pick the language you want to use. You can choose English, Hindi, or Kiswahili – whichever you prefer. After you’ve picked your language, tap on the “Continue” button to move forward.

Step 3: Sign-Up

After that, click the option to Sign in/ Register. Since you’re new to Branch, you need to select a country. You can find your country’s name on the list and tap it. Continue the registration process using your phone number and email address.

Step 5: Fill in the Details

Lastly, the app will ask for some details to make sure it’s really you. It might ask for your first name, last name, BVN and a selfie photo.

For now, if you have an iPhone, you might not be able to get the Branch loan app from the App Store.

branch loan app

How Does Branch Loan work?

Getting started with Branch loan is easy. If you have an Android phone, head over to the Google Play store. Look for the Branch app and simply download it.

Once you’ve got the app, set up your account. With your account all set up, it’s time to explore the loan options that Branch offers. Once you’ve decided, the loan will be sent straight to your mobile money or bank account. It’s as simple as getting a package delivered right to your doorstep, but instead, it’s money coming your way.

As soon as the loan is sent your way, you’ll find it in your account. Then comes the part of repaying the loan, which you can easily do through your mobile banking app. But here’s the exciting part: when you repay on time, you’re building up your credit score, which is like earning points for doing something good.

As your credit score grows, you’ll unlock the opportunity to borrow even larger amounts in the future. It’s like a reward for being responsible with your finances.

Branch loan app has become very popular, with more than 10 million downloads from the Google Play Store. That’s like having a big crowd of people who trust and use the app. Those users seem to really like it because the app has gathered an impressive 4.5 stars in reviews. It’s like having a bunch of thumbs-up from lots of people who found the app helpful and reliable.


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