How to Share GLO Airtime to Another GLO Number

There are times when your friends or family might find themselves in need of airtime, and if you have an abundance of it, you might want to share it with them. For Glo subscribers, the process is simple and can be done in a few easy steps. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to go about sharing airtime with your loved ones on the Glo network.

Before you can start sharing airtime on Glo, you have to change your PIN from the default one to something you prefer. This step is especially important if you’re using the Glo transfer code for the first time.

Don’t worry; it’s a quick process that takes less than a minute. To change your Glo transfer PIN, simply dial *132*00000*new PIN*new PIN#. By default, the Glo PIN code is set to 00000 for all subscribers, but you can change it to any five-digit number that you can remember.

Afterwards, follow these steps to Share Glo airtime to another Glo number.

  • Dial *131# and wait for the prompts to appear on your phone’s screen.
  • Enter the recipient’s phone number.
  • Input the amount of airtime you want to share.
  • Provide your PIN for authentication.
  • Click send to complete the process.

For a quicker method, you can dial *131*recipient’s number*amount*PIN#.

For example, if your PIN is 12345 and you want to send ₦200 to a friend with the phone number 08111122233, you would dial *131*08111122233*200*12345#.

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Buying Glo Airtime Online

If you’re looking to recharge your Glo line, there are online options available. You can opt to use your mobile banking app or you can choose to buy airtime directly from Cardvest. To use your mobile banking app, here are the steps to follow:

  • Download and open your mobile banking app. Make sure that you have a stable internet connection.
  • Log in to your banking app using your username and password. If you haven’t registered for mobile banking, you might need to do so before proceeding.
  • Within the app, locate the ‘Airtime Purchase’ or ‘Recharge’ option. This option is usually found in the menu or on the app’s home screen.
  • Choose ‘Glo’ as your network provider. Many banking apps offer a list of available providers, so make sure you select Glo.
  • Input the amount of airtime you want to buy.
  • Double-check the details of your purchase, including the amount and network provider. Make sure they are correct, then proceed to confirm the transaction.
  • To authorize the transaction, you may be prompted to enter your mobile banking PIN or use any other authentication method required by your bank.
  • Upon successful completion of the transaction, you will receive a confirmation message on your mobile banking app, and your Glo line will be credited.

Cardvest users also enjoy the convenience of buying Glo airtime online. Here’s how to do it:

  • Download Cardvest app from either Google Playstore or the Appstore.
  • Log in to your dashboard if you’re an existing user, or create an account if you’re new to Cardvest.
  • Fund your Cardvest wallet, making sure you have enough balance for your airtime purchase.
  • Inside your dashboard, find and click on the ‘airtime’ section.
  • Among the network options provided, select “Glo” as your preferred network provider.
  • Enter your Glo phone number and specify the amount of airtime you wish to buy.
  • After entering your mobile number and the chosen airtime amount, simply click the ‘buy airtime’ button.
  • Once the transaction is successfully completed, your Glo line will be instantly credited with the purchased airtime.

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