Gift cards for female shoppers

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Gift cards for female shoppers Various gift cards are particular to their different issuers and what they have been issued to purchase. Of all gift cards, female shopper’s cards are one of the most prominent. Hypothetically, we can agree to…

Best Gift cards for gamers: types and uses

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Best Gift cards for gamers Best gift cards for gamers are those gift cards that are beneficial for purchasing game consoles, accessories, and hardware. Gift cards are quite variant in several ways. Some are best for purchasing cosmetics and fashion…

5 popular gift cards their features

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 5 popular gift cards you should know Several retail stores issue gift cards traditionally and digitally. However, there are some with popular influence and large pursuance by traders and regular card users. Popular retail stores and eCommerce platforms that offer…

Popular Nigerian Gift Cards

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Gift cards are physical and digital cards that have preloaded money value. The cards are issued by businesses to attract customers. Popular brands use gift cards as a strategy for expanding their customer reach. There are Nigerian gift cards too that…

Security Update !

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Security Update: At CardVest, we provide you with full security for your data using impregnable firewalls that makes it inaccessible to third-parties. This however has compelled us to carry out our routine upgrade to ensure the security of every CardVest…

Spotify Gift Cards: What you should know

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Spotify Gift Cards: Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming platform; they are one of the world’s largest streaming service providers with about 400 million monthly active users. They offer access to over 90 million records and songs licensed by copyright…

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