Difference Between Physical Gift Cards and e-codes

physical gift cards e-codes

Transactions and payments are an essential part of business as they signify exchange of value. Over the years, different payment options have been generated to provide ease and speed in transactions. At some point, the barter system was effective in exchanging value between two parties. As times improved and development increased, they brought in coins and metal notes. Money in this form was measured in weights, e.g., shekels. Change is a constant in evolution, which means man always developed new effective ways of exchanging value like we now have physical gift cards and e-codes.

The metal coin system took a new turn as each coin was assigned a specific value. The engraved value of each currency signified its buying power and the quality of service it can render. As the value of items increased and the economy fluctuated at each change in government, there was a need to carry more coins around. Paper notes swiftly came in as people discovered that metal coins were heavier to move around. Paper notes were a massive liberation to the millennials and the baby boomers. They had a swell time with the advent of paper notes.

physical gift cards

As the items and services increased in value, the Central Banks adjusted paper notes to meet the demands. More paper notes were printed as the engraved numerical value on each paper note increased. This breakthrough has been the primary transaction method for a long time. Paper notes were given in exchange for goods and services.

Generation Z has, however, witness a breakthrough technologically and business-wise. We found new ways of making transactions within the local community and in the diaspora. With the help of the internet, we now have a “global village.” The international community can directly transact with one another using various platforms on the internet. With the continual use of each forum, ease and speed were the watchwords. Hence, platforms with lesser relative speed and ease were subsequently dropped for more effective media.

The recent breakthrough of cryptocurrency and gift cards has become the new standard for ease and speed. With cryptocurrencies and gift cards, we can now make transactions digitally using web platforms.

The Nigerian community is not left out of this development. We have taken up the reins to be one of the highest traders of cryptocurrencies and gift cards. It is embracing the new culture and working towards an advanced economy. Gift cards are in various forms. They are physical gift cards, e-codes, and gift vouchers.

As a curious mind, you might be wondering, what are the differences between physical gift cards, e-codes, and gift vouchers? Is it possible to buy or sell them if you have them? Your questions are valid and will be answered. Gift cards are different in their various respect. However, they serve the same purpose.

Physical gift cards:

are physical gift cards that can be bought and sold at a physical store like Cardvest. They are in plastic form as other similar cards. It is rectangular shaped like a credit or debit card. Like other cards with a similar function, it has imprinted card numbers or unique codes. As such, they have their card identifiers that help validate the cards. It helps to prevent fraudulent transactions. Unlike gift vouchers, they are not personalized to anybody’s name. An example of a physical gift card is an amazon physical card. To trade your physical card, Cardvest is the best vendor. Cardvest sells gift cards at the best rate in Nigeria.


are gift cards that can only be purchased and transacted digitally. They are often sent to the buyer’s mail after the transaction. E-codes are not valued the same as physical gift cards. It is because it is not as safe as physical cards. To get e-codes in Nigeria, Cardvest is your best plug. 

Whichever type of gift cards you want to trade, Cardvest is here for you. Cardvest is a company that buys and sells gift cards in Nigeria. They sell gift cards at the best rates. They also have a track record of a fast, reliable, and efficient transaction.


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