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Welcome to Cardvest, Nigeria’s most profitable customer-friendly gift card trading platform. We believe
that in a world where everyone is over exposed, the smartest thing one can do is maintain one’s privacy.
It will be inappropriate to ask you to sit back and read the following paragraphs because this is your privacy
and we take it as seriously as you do. So sit up and carefully read the policy.

This privacy policy portrays your security rights with respect to our collection, use, stockpiling, sharing and
protection of your data. it applies to our website, services and tools notwithstanding how you use them.

The internet as it is known to all and sundry is a community of common interests, a global platform and
archive of information where many users face challenges like hacking, identity theft, cybercrime and
privacy invasion. In return for trusting us with your data despite all these challenges, we shall protect your
privacy and only use them with your consent.

Cardvest will manage your information in the following ways:


At the point when you pursue any Cardvest services that requires registration, we ask you for basic data
such as your name, email address and account password. In the course of services such as payment
transactions, we require your debit or credit card information.

To protect you, we usually do not store
these data but when we do, we store them in trusted encoded form on secure servers. In order to improve
the quality of our services to you, we may use the information you provide and others from third parties.
But rest assured, these will always come with an offer to either accept or discontinue such action.

When you perform actions on Cardvest, our servers automatically receive information that your browser
send whenever you visit a website. These automatically gathered data includes but not restricted to your
browsing histories, IP address, gadget details, geo-area data, online traffic, reference URL, advertisement
information, standard web log information, still and moving images.

Note that the personal data we gather on you either manually, automatically or from third parties when
you register will be held for the obligatory maintenance time frame set forth by applicable law and as
required for us to keep a thorough documentation of our operations. These information as required from
us as financial experts will be stored regardless of whether your account has been successfully activated.

This personal information we have collected will be use to:
i. Create your Cardvest account portfolio which is generally for accounting, billing, management of legal
documentation, claim and dispute management.
ii. Verify your identity in compliance with applicable know-your-customer, money laundering and other
financial legislations and regulations which includes Cardvest anti-money laundering policy as well as
other law enforcement agencies’ policies.
iii. Analyze your Cardvest website usage and personalize your services experience in order to help us
optimize your customer service requests and supports.
iv. Communicate information, news, promotions and necessary updates via the email your have provided.
v. Use in creating marketing and promotional projects which may involve sharing your personal data with
third parties.
vi. We may disclose or transfer your personal data to third parties, legal and regulatory authorities, certain
contractors or service provider. All these will be duly explained when the occasion demands.

All the aforementioned actions can only be done when you have given us consent or otherwise when we
are permitted to do so under applicable laws. Your data will not be sold, exchanged, or shared with any
third parties without your knowledge. If and when you wish to discontinue receiving promotional
information and updates, you can easily opt-out.


Cookies are minute text files that are placed on your gadgets by websites that you browse. They are widely
used for the smooth run of websites as well as to gather information for the owner of the site.

Cardvest uses cookies typically to assess the viability of our site, investigate trends and traffics as well as
oversee the platform. The data gathered by cookies allow us to know such things as what parts of our site
are most visited and challenges of your experience on the platform. With this information, we can improve
the nature of your experience on the platform by perceiving and conveying a greater amount of the most
wanted features and services as well as resolving access challenges.

We also use cookies or potentially an innovation known as web bugs or clear gifs, which are commonly
embedded in emails to assist us with affirming your receipt of, and reaction to our message and to give
you a more customized experience when using our site.

We utilize help from third parties to help us in understanding the use of our site. these third parties will
put cookies on the hard drive of your gadget and will gather information we need to know such things as
how visitors just like you explore around the site, what services are browsed, and general transaction
information. The data and observation submitted by these third parties will be efficiently utilized by us in
better understanding our users’ interests in our site and how to all the more augment those interests.
These third parties are bound legally to only use the information recorded from our site for our site only.



Automated decision is made on certain matters in order to ascertain whether we can render our services
to you based on credit check, security check or risk profiling. After the investigation, a decision will be
made automatically as to whether or not we will make our services available to you based on your



Nigeria’s law on cybercrimes criminalize data privacy breaches. This act prescribes that any individual or
service provider in possession of any person’s personal data shall take appropriate measures to safeguard
such data from all foreseeable hazards and breaches like theft, cyberattacks and impersonation.

By this,
i. You are entitled to ask if we have processed your information.
ii. You can request an undeniable access to your personal information.
iii. You are entitled to ask that any incomplete or falsified personal data we have gathered about you be
iv. In certain circumstances when there are no legal exceptions, you are entitled to ask us to delete or
erase personal information from our database.
v. You may restrict, object the use of your personal information in certain occasions.
vi. You may object any automated decision made about you wherever it has a legal effect and request for
it to be reconsidered.



In order to uphold the confidentiality of your personal data and to safeguard your personal information
from hazards and breaches, unauthorized access, alteration, misuse, mismanagement or destruction, we
use an array of trusted security measures. These security measures include but are not limited to:
password protected directories and databases, Secure Sockets Layered (SSL) technology to ensure that
your information is fully encoded and transferred across the internet securely, active PCI scanning to
protect our servers from hackers and other vulnerabilities.



Cardvest will not request for payment information such as ATM card number, account or pin number in
an email, or text or any other means of communication with you. You as our customer are responsible for
the safe keeping of your passcode and membership credentials. do not under any circumstances share
those details with anyone. If you receive a suspicious request or there is an unauthorized use of your
personal information, notify us immediately.


This privacy policy was last revised on March, 2021. We urge you to review this policy frequently as it is
subject to change from time to time. Changes to this privacy policy will be made known to users via the
website or any of the other means of communication.



If there are questions, comments, observations or concerns regarding our services, terms, conditions and
privacy policy, please contact us at [email protected]

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