best gift cards to give

Thinking of the best gift cards to give for any season?

Gifting our loved ones is one way of making them feel special, appreciating them, showing them love, encouraging them for a job well done, or showing them we care. However, one major challenge we face is knowing the best gift cards to give them. There are a variety of choices we have when wanting to choose a perfect gift. Gifting is a form of communication. That is why the gift you are presenting must go in line with the message you are trying to pass to the recipient. The receiver is expected to appreciate whatever is presented.

That is why a careful selection has to be made. For example, gifting a middle-aged person a toy can seem useless. Alternatively, gifting a toy to a middle-aged person who has a kid might find it helpful because it can be useful to the kids. Then the problem of value steps in! Is the gift valuable and worth the message you’re trying to communicate?  The problem of choosing what to gift goes on and on.

Best Gift Cards To Give

best gift cards to give

Why consider a Gift card

Gift cards, over time has proven to be one of the best gifts to present to your loved ones because of the variety of functions it performs. With gift cards, you give your recipient a more spiced-up option. They have a wide range of options to choose from. This adds more value and provides different channels of communicating for the message you want to pass across.

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Listed below further explains why Gift card is a better option.


Some of the anxiety of finding the right gift to present is eliminated by presenting gift cards. It gives the recipient freedom to choose whatever it is they want. For example, if you are thinking of gifting a friend a shoe and you want to make it a surprise, you might be poised with the challenge of deciding the type of shoe they want or the right colour to choose. For example, Gifting them a Nike gift card allows them to choose the kind of shoes they want, which will be much more appreciable.


Gifting gift cards allows you to stay on budget when thinking of what to present. It allows you perfectly estimate the amount you intend to spend. For example, if you need a $100 worth of amazon card, they are readily available ( for amazon card ).

Beyond the regular

Getting “normal” gifts seem like the custom or the regular act. Getting a gift card seems to be much more unique and “spiced up.” If you’re thinking of doing something beyond the usual, a gift card will be one of your best options.

More Discrete

Gift cards seem a more polite way to offer a non-cash gift to someone. It allows you to present a gift that is individually separate and distinct.

Not a seasonal gift

Gift cards can be presented any time of the year. Although, people popularly gift it during festive period. They are not season selective.

Some of the disadvantages of considering gift cards are

Increase in the fraud rate targeted at gift cardholders

Since gift card fraud/scam is difficult to trace, scammers see it as a more safe means to carry out their operation.

Check out this article  ( ) to keep informed on how to avoid gift cards scam.

Not understanding the usage

Lack of knowledge on the usage of gift cards has often been a significant disadvantage for using gift cards as a form of present.

They can expire

Some gift cards attract extra charges after a year of not using it or expire after 5 years of non-usage.


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