eBay Gift Card: What you should know

eBay gift card is one of the most popular gift card around. eBay gift cards ranges from $10 to $500 and can be used to purchase anything on eBay ranging from electronics, wears, toys etc. Ebay gift cards are available physically and as e-codes. One of the great feature about eBay gift card is that they do not expire and have no fee. eBay issues their gift cards through their site or in retail locations. It is one of the famous gift card in the US.

eBay offers amazing discounts on their products

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Features of eBay Gift Cards

  1. eBay cards can be purchased Physically and Online

Similarly as with other gift cards, an eBay gift card can be bought at retail locations. The gift voucher can likewise be purchased online through eBay or PayPal. The gift card purchased online is known as the eBay Digital Card.

The eBay gift voucher contains the recovery code which is reclaimed at checkout on https://eBay.com and other sites that deals with recovering gift cards. It can’t be reclaimed in an actual store.

2. Only US Addresses are allowed

The eBay gift voucher works with just addresses in the USA. To reclaim the gift card, you should have an eBay account enrolled in the US and a US dispatching address. The gift card are not redeemable outside the US.

3. PayPal Account is required

One of the basic requirements to use eBay gift card is a PayPal account. At the point of using your gift to make purchases, one of the security strategy is having your bank account attached to your PayPal account.

4. Limitations of eBay gift card

– eBay Gift card can’t be used to buy coupons

– The eBay gift is only to buy items on eBay.

– eBay Gift card can’t be used to pay service charges

– You can’t redeem more than $1000 worth of gift card each day or $1500 worth of gift card in a month.

– You can only redeem four gift card in a single trade.

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Advantages of eBay Gift Cards

1. Can purchase anything on eBay

There are no limitations on the sort of things that can be bought using the redeemed gift cards as much as the gift card price corresponds the purchase you are making.

In cases when there is conflict of interest on the best type gift to purchase, getting a gift card like eBay gift card allows them shop for whatever they want. eBay being one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world means you can get almost anything.  

2. eBay gift cards do not expire.

One of the major upside of eBay gift side is that they do not expire! After the first usage, the balance can be re-used anytime later. The balance however, will have to be used on the same account the initial transaction occurred.

3. eBay gift card is Refundable.

In cases where items purchased on ebay are returned, a refund is made to your gift card. Also in cases where your Bay gift card is missing, it can be replaced if you can provide evidence of purchase and the card number. Visit https://www.ebay.com/

4. Can be Used Multiple Times

A single eBay card can be used more than once provided there is available balance on it.

Converting eBay gift card to cash

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