Gift cards for female shoppers

Gift cards for female shoppers

gift cards for female shopper

Various gift cards are particular to their different issuers and what they have been issued to purchase. Of all gift cards, female shopper’s cards are one of the most prominent. Hypothetically, we can agree to this because females like both shopping, gifting, and receiving gifts.

Gift cards are the best gifts to give at times. They allow the card recipient the opportunity of choosing the exact gift they want, without the giver having to ask them and still preserving the thoughtfulness behind gift-giving. If you are looking to wow a female friend, crush, or loved one who enjoys shopping, you might want to consider checking some perfect gift cards that suit a female shopper’s need.

Popular gift cards that are perfect for female shoppers are Nordstrom and Sephora gift cards. However, there are other conventional and eCommerce stores where female shoppers can get likable items. Stores like Walmart, eBay, Amazon, etc., are admirable stores for female shoppers where they offer gift cards too. Below we will be discussing a few of the best gift cards you can get a female shopper in seriatim.

1) Nordstrom gift cards

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Nordstrom gift cards are issued by Nordstrom, Inc., an American departmental chain store with major dealings in fashion items and household equipment. They are one of the biggest fashion stores in the US and Canada, having various stores in about 32 American states and 3 Canadian provinces.

Nordstrom started as a shoe store in the early 20th century and has grown big with diversified trading lines in the fashion industry. They deal in all kinds of cosmetics, jewelry, fragrance, footwear, handbags, and other fashion and household items. They also recently started providing services for household furniture, restaurant services, and wedding departments.

Knowing all they deal in, it is unarguable that a Nordstrom gift card will be a good match for every female shopper. They also have an online store, so you do not have to worry about being physically available at the store. However, if the physical shopping drill rocks your boat, you can knock yourself out on the nice shoes, bags, jewelry, and other fashion items they sell at their stores.

They offer both eGift cards and physical plastic gift cards. The great thing about these two variants is that they both can purchase anything at Nordstrom online and conventional stores. The eGift card is just electronically issued and used. You do not get to receive them physically or hand them to a friend.

You can visit Nordstrom’s website at to get your Nordstrom gift cards or visit any of their physical stores. You can get their gift cards for as low as $5 for gifting or personal use. Another fun fact about Nordstrom gift cards is that delivery is free for any location within the US and Canada. However, you get to pay $10 for faster delivery.

2) Sephora gift cards

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Sephora is a French-owned multinational retail company that deals in personal care and beauty products. They produce and sell exquisite beauty products like skincare, cosmetics, body lotion, fragrance haircare, nail color, and beauty tools. Sephora is one of the World’s biggest fashion stores with hundreds of stores in the US and middle-east. They have Sephora inside JCPenny, Sephora inside Kohl’s, Sephora inside UAE, and KSA.

If you cannot find a physical Sephora store around you to buy their gift cards, you can always purchase them on their website at Sephora cards have no expiry date as well, so they can be a perfect stored value card for you or your recipient. You can get their gift cards for as low as $10 and as high as $500.

Other than the physical gift cards, Sephora also offers digital gift cards with an amazing delivery time of less than 2-3 minutes. Digital gift cards are issued to your email and can perform all functions that the physical card will offer. Physical cards get delivered within 24 to 48 hours from the purchase time for countries where Sephora has physical stores.

As a business person, you might want to reward your workers on special occasions. You might want to get a bulk of cards for your female employees, Sephora supports multiple gift card purchases. If you want to get any female a gift, a Sephora gift card is your definite way to go.

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3) eBay and Amazon gift cards

eBay and Amazon are both eCommerce platforms where you can get virtually anything for yourself or your friends. What makes them a great fit for a female shopper is the fact that their products are not stereotyped to female stuff like cosmetics, creams, jewelry, and shoes but also household items and accessories. Females need stuff outside their regular beauty items and tools at times. Gadgets, books, hardware, and other stuff are also relevant to the needs of females.

eBay and Amazon gift cards have several similar features as females can get almost anything with them. People can get Amazon and eBay gift cards both online and conventionally. They both issue digital and physical gift cards. Their gift cards also do not have an expiry date and are replaceable in the event of theft, damage, or misplacement.

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