How to Check Macys Gift Card Balance

How to Check Macy’s Gift Card Balance

How to Check Macy’s Gift Card Balance

How to Check Macys Gift Card Balance: Gift cards serve as a great alternative to cash and credit cards payments. They offer a couple of benefits like helping consumers control spending; they are also easy to use. As a means of promoting their brands, different brands offer gift cards to their customers. Macy’s is one of the brands that are big on gift cards.

Macy’s is arguably the biggest chain of retail stores in America; they ship products to other parts of the world. They offer gift cards to their customers that you can purchase in any Macy’s store or online at These gift cards are redeemable at Macy’s store or on

Few Facts about Macy’s Gift Cards

– They occur both as physical gift cards and e-gift cards.

– The gift card never expires.

– They cannot be used outside the US

– The cards can be used to remain a balance.

– You can use up to five gift cards on a single transaction.

– You can reload your gift card at Macy’s stores.

You can redeem your Macy’s gift card by handing it to a store cashier when you want to check out. You can also use the card on Macy’s website by entering the gift card number and the security number. Submit the gift cards before you enter your credit card details in a transaction.

Check your Gift Card Balance

To check your Macy’s gift card balance, you can follow these steps

– Call the Macy’s hotline on 800-511-2752

You can check the balance during online checkout.

– Click on Apply Gift Cards, enter your gift card details and it shows the balance of your gift card.

For those in Nigeria or Ghana, the best option to profit from Macy’s gift cards is to sell them for cash. Many businesses help people convert their gift cards to cash in Africa. However, very few offer the quality of service Cardvest offers.

Regular customers of gift card converters face problems like low exchange rate, slow confirmations of gift cards, slow feedback system, etc. Cardvest helps its customers avoid these issues through its premium service delivery.

Some of the features that distinguish Cardvest include;

  1. Exchange Rates: Frequent customers of gift card exchanges in Nigeria and Ghana face the problem of discouraging exchange rates. Some converters offer a rate that cause customers to lose up to 50% of the original value of the card. With Cardvest, this is not the case as customers have cause to smile after using our service.
  2. 24/7 Customer Service: Whatever time of the day it is, you can always reach out to the Cardvest team ­and get a response. If you have issues when carrying out transactions, Cardvest has reliant customer service that can find a solution to your problem. They are always available every hour of the day, every day of the week.

You can either chat with a Cardvest agent on Whatsapp, you could use the website’s chat option. Customers can also reach us via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and be assured of a swift response.

  • Simplicity: Unlike some other gift card trading apps, Cardvest ensures simplicity is a dominant feature in the interface of the app and website. When the processes are not simple enough, users tend to lose interest. The team understands this and ensures that customers know how to use the app without any training. Using the Cardvest App is easy as pie. Beyond the simplicity in the operations of the platform, Cardvest has a beautiful interface.
  1. Secure Platform: When carrying out financial transactions, users need to be assured that their data is in safe hands. We have put protocols in place to ensure you are safe from sinister elements lurking on the internet. Constant upgrades are made to the security protocols to help keep the Cardvest protected.
  2. You can trade almost any card: On Cardvest, there’s a catalog of over 300 gift cards you can either buy or sell. These cards come in different forms (digital and physical) and different currencies.

To use Cardvest, follow these procedures

You could use the Cardvest website or the Cardvest app.

– On the homepage, click on “Trade Now”

– It leads you to the page where you have to sign up. If you have an account, click on Sign in instead.

– On your dashboard, select Sell Card if you’re selling, click on Buy Card if you’re buying.

– Input your card details (Gift Card Category, Gift Card, and Amount on Gift Card).

– Select “Proceed to Trade Card”

– You can decide to receive your money or pay directly from your bank account.

– You could also decide to receive the money or transfer funds from your Cardvest wallet.

– After uploading your gift card, the information will be confirmed and this may take 1-2 hours.

– When the gift card is confirmed, you will receive your payment immediately.  


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