Where to sell gift cards in Nigeria

Best platform to sell Walmart gift card for naira

Where to sell gift cards in Nigeria: Over time, people always have issues with selling their gift cards. The many complaints they have are the poor customer relationship, slow verification and transaction process, many illegitimate platforms, etc. Unfortunately, today’s web is filled with so many fraudulent sites that are out to defraud unsuspecting users of their money.

Apart from the fraudulent parts of the web, users often put themselves in disadvantageous positions. Here are three pitfalls people have when selling their gift cards:

  • Accepting low offers

Often, you will be offered small amounts of money for your gift cards. Unfortunately, these payouts will generally be much lower than the card is worth. As a result, many sellers settle for a smaller amount. It’s better to redeem that card than sell it if the offer is meager. However, be wary of making yourself complacent with low payouts. It is not a good idea to sell your card in such a situation.

  • Not being able to find someone better.

Gift cards can now be sold online and redeemed for cash on several platforms. In other words, if one has not offered you a sufficient payout, you might want to check out the other. Then you should move on to the next one if they do not meet your expectations. You have several options available to you. As an alternative to accepting any bad offer, look for a platform with a better offer for your gift cards by using these options.

  • Just doing it once

Selling just one or two gift cards won’t make you much money. It’s not enough to sell more gift cards to feel like a substantial “side income.” To get the bigger sum, you’ll have to sell more gift cards. Sadly, you have so many gift cards lying around the house. That’s when flipping comes into play. You can accumulate a large profit by flipping these cards – buying low and selling high.

With lots of instructions and possibilities to look out for, it can be not very encouraging to go on with the idea of selling your gift card. Several persons might be discouraged from just looking out for multiple buyers with the hope of getting the best rate. This is where our solution comes in – CardVest. If you are looking for where to sell gift cards in Nigeria, your answer is CardVest.

Where to sell gift cards in Nigeria

Where to sell gift cards in Nigeria

Cardvest has distinguished itself from the competition by focusing on speed, ease, and satisfaction. Its distinctive characteristics are its constant drive for excellence and the relative ease of completing transactions.

Aside from that, Cardvest is one of the best gift card companies in Nigeria as it has the lowest rates in the country. You can visualize this by looking at its website, which demonstrates the company’s lengths to establish a transparent and secure system. In addition, Cardvest puts a lot of effort into ensuring customer satisfaction, including a sleek user interface, an in-built rate calculator, and a website that loads pages quickly.

In addition to the user experience on its website, CardVest’s cutting edge is found in how its services are delivered. Throughout our history, Cardvest has conducted multiple studies regarding the significant problems associated with trading gift cards. Through our experience, we have also found that customers appreciate trading at the best rate in the market, apart from the ease of transaction. With all of this knowledge, Cardvest has developed a rate calculator continually updated with Chinese rates. By trading with Cardvest, you get access to the best rates in the country since Chinese rates are used.

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Our market growth has been based on understanding how things work. Because of this, our team members can put themselves in the shoes of our clients and potential clients, thus understanding their needs and developing strategies to meet those needs. To work with each client individually, we have developed a system to understand their user behaviors. It gives us a better understanding of what they need and what problem they are trying to resolve. This enables us to provide them with solutions tailored to what they need.

Cardvest has become the best gift card company in Nigeria through a deliberate commitment to brand loyalty and client service. We have become the best gift card company in Nigeria by understanding human behavior and utilizing incentives. Our gift cards have been designed so that they are delivered promptly with messages that stir their emotional attachment to a given brand. Our priority is to provide exceptional customer service in all our transactions. Check out the reviews of companies and individuals we have previously done business with.

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Undoubtedly, CardVest is the best gift card company in Nigeria. Having been tested and trusted to handle various situations, it has an established structure to handle multiple situations.


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