How to sell Steam gift cards for Cedis

sell steam gift cards for cedis: Steam is a video gaming platform developed by Valve for online gaming and local installations. They make their games to suit all ages (children and adults). So, they make a great choice if you want to buy a gift card for your friend or child that is well into gaming.

sell steam gift cards for cedis

Buying a steam gift card for a friend is one way to make them very happy. They only need to create an account with steam, redeem their gift card, surf around the tons of game packages on the website, and make their pick. It must be a really enjoyable moment for game lovers; having all you have always wanted in just one gift card.

Taking that as a positive scenario, what if things did not go as planned. What if the recipient is no longer feeling the games? What if he is in grave need of money to sort some financial issues that he cannot even think of gaming? Or maybe he just got the latest game edition, and the gift card just came at a time when it is not needed?

Yes, situations like this could arise and what we are discussing is how you can bail out when they happen. Cardvest is a gift card trading platform where cardholders can sell their gift card for instant cedis. This gift card trading platform allows gift card owners to exchange their gift cards at an agreed rate.

Here on Cardvest, we offer the best rates for trading all gift cards in Ghana. More to the best rates offered is the swiftness of how Cardvest responds to demands and makes your gift card trading happen in a matter of minutes. So, if you are holding a steam gift card that wants to trade for your local currency, Cardvest is the best place to do that.

sell steam gift cards for cedis

How to sell my steam gift card in Ghana

How to trade a steam gift card or any other gift card on Cardvest is quite easy. Cardvest provides two platforms for trading gift cards; the website and the mobile app. The mobile app is available both for android and iPhone users. Following the simple steps below, you can learn how to trade on Cardvest and sell your first gift card on this platform.

  1. Log on to on your browser if you are using the web version. If the mobile app suits your taste more, be our guest and search for “cardvest” on your mobile app store. Android users should use the Google Play store, while Apple users can head to the Apple app store on their device to download the application.
  2. After downloading and installing, you can now sign in to create an account with the required details. The website users can also do the same and create their accounts with Cardvest.
  3. Log in to the account you have just created.
  4. The next interface should be your dashboard, where you have your wallet balance, bank details section, trade gift card section, and more.
  5. Head on to the Trade/sell gift card section and select “Steam” gift card and the card category if the need be.
  6. Select the amount of the gift card you want to sell in USD (e.g. if you have a $100 steam gift card, type in $100).
  7. At this stage, the exchange rate should appear for you to know how much you will get for trading that gift card. If you are okay with it, you can proceed to trade by clicking the “trade button.
  8. You might be asked to input the gift card number and upload a picture of the gift card. This is for confirmation of possession and internal verification purposes.
  9. Wait a few minutes for validation to complete, and you will receive payment to your preferred payment destination immediately.

Mobile users can click their preferred app store below to download the Cardvest app and start trading instantly.

Cardvest on Google Play Store for Android

Cardvest on Apple Store for IOS

How can I sell digital steam gift cards for cedis?

Cardvest does not limit its services to only physical gift cards. Provided you have the card number and proof of ownership (i.e. receipt), we are good to make your trade possible.

The process of trading is the same as the above highlighted. If you have doubts about anything, you can chat with our 24/7 customer support team; we respond immediately. Sell your digital gift card for cedis now.

What other gift cards can I sell in Ghana?

With Cardvest, there’s a wide range of gift cards that you can sell for cash. Nordstrom, Nike, Walmart, Amazon, One Vanilla, eBay, Google play, Sephora, Xbox, Visa, and iTunes gift cards are some tradable gift cards on Cardvest.

Register on today to see for yourself. The gift card trading here is Seamless!


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