Why is my Xbox gift card not working?

Xbox gift card not working: Xbox and Play station are some of the best video gaming consoles in the world. Xbox is owned by Microsoft. They create all kinds of gaming software for game lovers. They also provide an online streaming platform where gamers can watch and play games with other people in different states and countries across the world.

Like other gift cards, Xbox gift cards are used to make payments for products and services on the Microsoft network. With an Xbox gift card, one could visit any Xbox store (whether physical or online) to buy anything that the card balance can purchase. Given the nature of its functionality, it is safe to say that an Xbox gift card is the perfect gift for any gamer. They have various types of games across many platforms.

Xbox gift card not working

One could play Xbox games with their video gaming console, popularly known as Xbox one or on your regular PC and mobile device. That’s how flexible the Xbox space is. With the Game designs, the interface, pads, and all, the gaming experience is one in a million.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a friend that loves games and everything in-between? An Xbox gift card will light up the party. The good part is that they are made in different denominations to help gift-givers pick the one they can afford instead of spending so much. Other gift cards similar to Xbox are Steam and Google play.

Issues with Xbox gift cards are not quite common, but that does not overrule that they exist. No matter how good a product or service is, there is always a flaw, whether from the producer or the user’s end. From experience, most gift card issues stem from the lack of proper understanding of how an Xbox gift card should be redeemed. Below are different ways to redeem an Xbox gift card in any country.

Ways to redeem an Xbox Gift card

Xbox gift card not working

To redeem an Xbox gift card, there is more than one route to it. Since Xbox does not only function on one platform, the resultant effect is that the gift card can be redeemed on all devices and program that supports Xbox.

  1. Redeem Xbox gift card on Xbox one or Xbox series X/S: Sign in to your Xbox console with the Microsoft account you want to redeem the code with. On the Home screen, locate and select the Microsoft Xbox app Store. Proceed to press the view button on the controller to open the menu. Click on “redeem,” enter your code and follow the other instructions.
  2. Redeem Xbox gift card on windows 10: You can do the on the Microsoft store that you will find on your start menu. Click on “more,” locate “redeem a code” and fill in the code appropriately.
  3. Redeem on a web browser: Log on to www.redeem.microsoft.com on any browser. Sign in to your Microsoft account and redeem your 25-character code.
  4. Redeem Xbox gift card on Android and Windows mobile devices: Ensure you have your Xbox application downloaded on your device. Launch the application and sign in to your account. If you do not have a Microsoft account you can easily create one. Access the menu, locate the Microsoft store and proceed to “redeem a code.” Enter the gift card code and follow through with the remaining process.
  5. Redeem codes on Xbox 360: Sign in to your Microsoft account on your Xbox 360. Select the Xbox guide on your controller. Click on “games and apps,” tap “redeem a code.” Enter the code in the area provided.

The process is pretty much the same for other devices like iOS and the Xbox console companion app on Windows 10. Visit redeem.microsoft.com, sign in to your account, and enter the code!

Why Xbox gift card might not work

After following the due process of how to redeem the gift card as stated above, some people still have issues with them. Some of these issues are:

  1. Invalid card: This usually comes up when the code entered is incorrect. Check the code and try again. The characters are usually case sensitive, and one wrong character will make the card invalid. So, ensure you are checking them well as you enter the codes.
  2. Poor internet connection: If this is the case, try restarting your device or changing your network provider. Without a good internet connection, you can not redeem a gift card.
  3. Already redeemed card: If your card reports that it has already been redeemed, you can contact the help team on your Microsoft app or site to clarify and rectify the issue. However, you must be sure that your gift card has not been exposed to a third party who might have used it in your stead. Check balance and confirm before reaching out the Customer service.
  4. Damaged or unreadable code: If you cannot read the code on your gift card, you cannot redeem it online or anywhere. Contact the help team at Microsoft and report your issue.

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