How to sell iTunes gift cards for Cedis

sell iTunes gift cards for Cedis: Gift card trading in Ghana has been around for a while now. As various platforms emerge and surge with different features, gift card traders should explore these opportunities. However, not all gift card trading platforms are doing great at providing the required services. Some are just a sham!

Gift cards are electronic cards that retail stores, banks, and financial service companies issue to their customers. They are intended to ease gift-giving among people and promote firm sales. Unlike regular gifts wrapped in a box, gift cards can be sent to anyone at any time. The advent of gift cards has made gift giving as easy as taking a bite of cheese.

sell iTunes gift cards for Cedis

The formal norm where a gift-giver will have to visit a physical store to get a gift and wraps it with a very colorful wrapper is efficient until the problem of choice comes into play. The gift-giver will have to know the right color to choose, the right size, the brand designer, and a lot of specifics before getting a gift. This is because gift-giving is not only about getting a gift but getting the right one.

A perfect gift comes from the place of thoughtfulness and deep knowledge of the card recipient. All this stress is avoidable with the perfect gift card. A gift card answers all these open-ended questions by allowing the recipient to participate in choosing the gift they want. Sometimes, nobody knows what anybody wants till they ask them. So, why do that and ruin the surprise when you can get a gift card.

It is as easy as buying a friend that likes beauty products a Sephora gift card or giving an apple user an iTunes gift card. When you are handed such gift cards, and you choose to sell them for cash in Ghana; you have come to the right place.

Why should I sell my gift card for cedis with Cardvest?

If you want to kick start gift card trading in Ghana, Cardvest is one of the best platforms to sell gift cards at the best rates. The following are reasons that make Cardvest a high-standing gift card trading platform in Ghana.

  1. Always responding Customer support team
  2. Trade many gift cards in one platform
  3. Easily understandable user interface
  4. An all-time server up-time
  5. Guaranteed system security
  6. Good rates
  7. Fast exchange

How to sell iTunes gift card for Cash on

Cardvest offers more than one route to trading gift cards; the mobile app and the website. These two spaces are very functional, and they provide the best gift card trading experience in all of Ghana. If you want to start with the mobile app, it is available on Google Play Store for Android and the Apple app store for iOS users. Simply launch your mobile app store and search for “Cardvest,” or use the link below as they apply.

Cardvest on Google Play Store for Android

Cardvest on Apple Store for iOS

sell iTunes gift cards for Cedis platform to trade gift cards in Ghana

The following steps below explain how to trade an iTunes gift card for cedis on cardvest:

  1. Visit on your browser or download the mobile app through the long above.
  2. App users should launch the app and scroll through to the page where they can get to register.
  3. Proceed to register. The web users should click Trade now on the Home page. That will lead them to the “register page.” The page requires a few details to complete registration. Fill in the required areas appropriately and agree to the terms and conditions.
  4. Log in to your account to view your dashboard. Fill in your bank details in the area provided and view your profile to see if all is correct.
  5. Locate the trading area, or click on Sell gift card. Proceed to select the gift card you want to trade for cedis and its category (if applicable). Not all gift cards have categories; check through and select the appropriate option.
  6. Enter Amount in USD. The gift card calculator on Cardvest is set to calculate the Cedis equivalent of the amount entered in USD based on the rate that is displayed in the category section.
  7. Continue to trade your gift card and provide the details relevant to the gift card you want to sell. Details like the gift card code and probably a photo of the gift card might be requested upon gift card trading.
  8. Provide all necessary details and wait for the card verification process to complete. This process will only take a few minutes. When the verification process is complete, an immediate fund transfer will be made to your wallet. Traders can chat with the customer service for further clarification as they trade gift cards on Cardvest. Happy Trading!!

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