SELL EBAY GIFT CARDS FOR CEDIS: Several brands offer gift cards for purchase online in Ghana. The gift cards that you can buy from companies such as iTunes, eBay Steam, Netflix, Google Play, and others provide access to their services as long as you have enough money on the card to cover the amount or until the card expires. There are special characteristics of gift cards, and you can access unique services that are specific to them, as well as policies that govern their use of them.

iTunes gift cards can be used to purchase Apple products, accessories, apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, iCloud, and just about any other Apple service, you can imagine.

Challenges of gift cards

Every business, virtual or physical, faces its challenges, and a trading gift card is no exception. These are some of the challenges encountered by the trading gift card industry;

  • Rate issues: it is impossible to get a 100% of the gift card value when trading it off for cash. Despite this, it is expected that the trade will yield a handsome amount of money. To make enough profits from your business, you need to avoid platforms with low rates.
  • Speed of payment: on average, redeeming a gift card should not take more than a minute or even less, so it is necessary to look out for how long it takes to get your money. Therefore, you should be able to make your payment on a good trading platform within five minutes maximum.
  • Trust issues: this is one of the central and most significant issues faced in an online business s no one wants to fall into a scam. Whenever you trade online, it is essential that you exercise extreme caution as there are rippers online who are primarily interested in stealing gift cards. 
  • Option for payment: Many sites have limited options when it comes to payment options, unlike CardVest. For example, some only accept payment in Cedis, and others only accept payments in Bitcoin. Therefore, it is recommended to use a platform with a range of payment options. CardVest provides the best trading experience you can find anywhere, so you don’t have to waste time looking for that platform.

What is an eBay gift card?

The perfect gift is an eBay Gift Card, every time. With the eBay Gift Card, you can shop from millions of items in Electronics, Toys, Motors, Fashion, Home & Garden, Art, Collectibles, Sports Goods, and everything in-between. No fees or expiration dates apply to eBay Gift Cards. You can use them now or save them for the ultimate deal.

Its global marketplace features big-name retailers as well as micro-niche sellers from around the world. It’s the place to go to fill in gaps in a collection, from Hummel figurines to baseball cards, but also where savvy shoppers can find bargains on new merchandise such as collectibles, apparel, entertainment, sports, jewelry, electronics, art, antiques, stamps, and more – there are more than 800 million listings on eBay. People who enjoy shopping or collecting will appreciate eBay Gift Cards, and eBay regulars will love them. With eBay you can purchase gift cards for amounts ranging from $10 to $500.

Unless you have proof of purchase and the gift card number, eBay will not replace an unused eBay Gift Card that has been lost, stolen, or damaged unless it is required by law. Also, refunds for returned items are credited back to the eBay Gift Card used to purchase the item.



 Are there restrictions on the use of eBay Gift Cards?

You can redeem eBay Gift Cards within a time frame and up to a certain spending threshold. An eBay Gift Card may not be used to purchase other eBay Gift Cards, third-party gift cards, gift certificates, coupons, currency, paper money, virtual currency, or other items considered gold, silver, and other precious metals (for example, coins, bars, or ingots of gold, silver, and other precious metals).

How to Sell eBay gift card for Cedis

It depends on your needs whether you choose a mobile application or a website. Upon registering, you can click the Start Trading button on your user dashboard after entering valid details. If you want to inquire about a rate or trade your gift cards, the website automatically directs you to a chat window with the relevant information. It takes less than 10 minutes to trade and you will receive payment right away.

  1. Register with or Login to your user account.
  2. Access your dashboard
  3. Select the gift card you want to trade (eBay Gift card)
  4. Submit the necessary details and wait for confirmation.
  5. Click on withdraw funds.
  6. You must enter the details of the bank account to which the money will be deposited as well as the amount you wish to withdraw. After the withdrawal, the money is deposited in your bank account within ten minutes.

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