How much is a $200 eBay gift card?

eBay gift card: There are two types of eBay gift cards – the physical gift card and the e-code. In this article, we’ll be considering the eBay E-code. The current price of a $200 eBay e-code is NGN 114,000.

eBay gift card

eBay gift card

At any given time, the rate and price can change. Hence, the rates are up-to-date, equal to the Chinese rates. It is all to provide you with the best possible rates.

How to redeem an eBay gift card for Naira 

  • Click HERE to register on the CardVest platform if you have not done so already. To log in, click here.
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  • Upon logging in, your dashboard will appear. You’ll find your wallet balance, options to sell, and more on the dashboard.
  • To sell your eBay card, select the “sell” option. You can choose “eBay card” in this box and enter your selling amount.
  • Once you’ve entered your information, you’ll be taken to another page where you’ll need to submit your bank details and upload a picture of your eBay gift card. For a faster verification process, ensure that the photo is taken clearly.

Read more on how to Sell Ebay Gift card for Naira

Gift cards are the present and future of transactions in this new world. They embody the concept of ease and comfort while ensuring the value of the transaction isn’t lost. In addition, the invention of gift cards provided a plethora of payment options where several brands can allow users to pay. One of such gift cards is the eBay gift card. 

eBay gift card is the native card of the eBay platform. It is a hybrid card – it is available physically and online. This allows it to be flexible as a payment option on the eBay site. 

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Having the eBay gift card guarantees access to the eBay store. It even presents an opportunity for you to purchase other gift cards with varying values in the store. 

Uses of the eBay gift card

The eBay gift card can purchase items worth millions in various categories such as electronics, motors, toys, fashion, collectibles, etc. 

It can also be used for the payment of goods via the PayPal platform. 

However, the eBay gift card is available for use only on the eBay platform. 

Best Platform To Sell Gift Cards

Today, several trading platforms purchase gift cards at retail rates. Having several gift card investors means that the market is constantly saturated with trading platforms looking to maximize their profits from gift cards.

As investors increase, finding reliable and trustworthy platforms becomes more difficult. As a result, several organizations have established themselves as major players in the industry, e.g., CardVest.

Reasons CardVest is the best platform to redeem eBay gift cards to Naira.

CardVest has proven itself as a leading platform for creating a better, more user-friendly, and more transactional experience for its clients in a rapidly changing market. Here are some of its unique features:

  • Mobile platforms:

To ensure CardVest users have all the features they may need to transact quickly and easily, CardVest has built a user-friendly app. In this way, you can sell eBay gift cards from any location. Download Cardvest on App Store

The application is available on Play Store and other online platforms.  

  • Swift transactions: 

This is one of our core missions. A transaction needs to be fast and reliable. This resulted in CardVest enhancing the response time of its application and the website. The website is designed to respond to instructions within a short timeframe. The purpose is to reduce any lags and other complications that may arise from an unresponsive web platform. 

  • Transact at the best rate:

With CardVest, you get the most reliable trading platform with the most competitive rates. CardVest’s transactions are based on the Chinese rate. Established traders widely know the Chinese rate of gift cards as the best rate globally.

Each of the web platforms has an automated rate of refreshing every minute. So you will always get the best rates.


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