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Gift card exchange is becoming predominant among Nigerian youths, lots of people prefer to trade their gift cards for cash rather than letting them go to waste or using them to purchase unwanted products for fear of them getting expired. The Nigerian gift card market is a huge one, financial experts forecasted that the market will reach $1.4 billion in 2024 and the market has been living p to the hype. However, just like every booming sector, the gift card market has also attracted bad actors that just want to rip people off their money, hence you have to be careful of the platform you go to for your gift card exchange. 

The first step in exchanging your gift card in Nigeria is to find a trusted exchange platform to trade on. There are lots of trusted gift card exchange platforms in Nigeria but no one beats the exchange service offered by Cardvest.

About Cardvest

Best Gift Card Buyer In Nigeria  The Highest Rate In Ghana

Cardvest is a top-tier gift card vendor, we have been in the gift card exchange market since 2016 and have gathered more than enough expertise to deliver an amazing exchange service. In broader terms, here are the features offered by Cardvest:

  • Good Exchange rate: Cardvest has one of the best exchange rates in the gift card exchange market. A lot of factors determine the rate at which merchant exchange gift cards, mainly the forces of demand and supply plays a major role in determining the exchange rate. Sometimes the popularity of a particular gift card contributes to its’ rate of exchange. All these factors put together tend to give bad merchant reasons to give low rate for exchange, this is not the case for Cardvest, the rate is always the best in the market and makes sure the highest profit possible is offered to the client. On Cardvest your financial well-being is put to mind when determining the exchange rate.
  • Fast Payment:  Cardvest pays clients immediately after the status of their gift is confirmed. This process doesn’t take long so customers are paid their money fast.
  • Great User Experience: Cardvest has simplified the process of exchanging your gift cards. Selling your gift cards on either Cardvest’s website or mobile app is an easy and user-friendly experience. This is evident from the great user interface on both the web and app versions of the site. To sell with Cardvest you just have to sign in or create an account if you are a new user, enter the type of card you want to trade, details of the card and the account you want to receive your funds with. 
  • A broad variety of gift card acceptability: On Cardvest, you can trade almost all forms of gift cards at the highest trade rate possible. Types of gift cards traded include Amazon gif card, iTunes gift card, OneVanilla gift card, Steam card, Google pay, eBay card, Nike gift card, Netflix gift card, Marcy gift card, Bloomdale gift card, Amex gold express gift card, Nordstorm card and many more. 
  • Amazing customer service: Both the website and mobile app are easy to navigate, this is made like that so anyone can easily make use of the platform and trade. Regardless of this, the administration knows that not everyone is tech-savvy and some people might still run into hick-ups when using the platform, so there is 24/7 customer service that is available all the time that will assist customers to solve any type of issue they might have encountered using the app.
  • Security:  Cardvest understands that customers’ personal information is sensitive data that must be safeguarded from black hat hackers at all times. Cardvest has invested in high cyber security to protect customers from loss of data and financial resources.

How to exchange your gift card on Cardvest

You can sell your gift cards on CardVest following these simple steps:

  • Create an account on CardVest either through the web or mobile platform if you don’t have an account. Download the mobile app on Google Play Store and the App Store. Or log in if you already have an account.
  • On your account dashboard, choose the gift card you want to exchange under the category and the type of gift card you want to trade under ‘Type Of Gift Card’ and input the amount. Automatically, the rate calculator will display the amount for your trade, so you click ‘Proceed.’
  • Specify where you want to receive the funds; on your Cardvest wallet or directly into your bank account
  • Enter the details of the gift card you choose
  • Click on Proceed

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