How to Sell Your Visa Gift Card Instantly

Sell Your Visa Gift Card Instantly: Gift cards are prepaid debit card that contains a specific amount of money that can be used for varieties of purchases. In simplified terms, a gift card is a debit card with preloaded funds that can be spent later in the future.

There are generally two types of gift cards open-loop and closed-loop gift cards. Both can be used online and in-store. The difference between these two cards is that open-loop cards can be used almost anywhere while close-loop can be used only at the issuing merchant, all this is from the consumers’ perspective.

Sell Your Visa Gift Card Instantly

Open-loop gift cards can be redeemed almost anywhere because they run on various credit card systems. Visa gift cards, for example, can be redeemed in stores, online or via telephone, wherever Visa is accepted. An open-loop gift card can also be referred to as a Cash card because it is accepted anywhere a debit card is allowed, it is like carrying cash around just happen to be in a digital format.


If you don’t have any use for your Visa gift card, you can always trade it for cash instantly at Cardvest; the Optimus Prime of gift card exchange in Nigeria and Ghana. At Cardvest, you don’t only enjoy instant payment, but you also get to sell your gift card for the highest possible return. Here are some features that best describe Cardvest:

  • High Exchange rate: the exchange rate at Cardvest is one of the best in the market, hence, customers get the highest return possible on their trade. No silly fees attached to transactions, you can either receive your funds directly into your bank account or inside your Cardvest Wallet.
  • Fast Payment: payments are made immediately after validating your gift card. Whether you are sending funds into your bank account or using funds to pay utility bills, payments are disbursed quickly by the Cardvest team.
  • A broad variety of gift card acceptability: Cardvest is not limited to Walmart gift cards alone, you can also trade other types of gift cards. Types of gift cards traded include Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, AMEX gift cards, Steam gift cards, Google pay, eBay gift card, Marcy gift card, Amex express gift card, Nordstrom gift cards and many more.
  • 24/7 Customer Support System: At Cardvest, we understand the need to have an appropriate channel of communication with our customers. You can reach out to the support system in case you run into any problems while trading your gift card on both our platforms (website and mobile app).

Visa gift card rate

Vanilla Gift Card In Ghana Cedis Sell Your Visa Gift Card Instantly
Sell Your Visa Gift Card Instantly

Using Cardvest’s rate calculator, the current exchange rate for a US Visa gift card is NGN 700/$ and GHS 5.79/$. You can get around NGN 70,000 or GHS 578.51 for a $100 US Visa gift card on Cardvest, this is one of the best offers you can get for your Visa gift card.

How to sell Visa gift cards for cash on Cardvest

  • The first step is to sign in through the website or mobile app if you already have an account with them. For new users, the first step is to sign up to gain access to the trade function.
  • On the homepage click on trade now and select the type of gift card you want to trade, in this case, you should select Visa since that is the card you want to sell.
  • Enter the gift card details and upload the gift card’s picture.
  • Proceed to place the order
  • Set up your account by inputting your bank details. You can choose to receive funds in this wallet or directly into your bank account.
  • Funds will be sent immediately after the authenticity of your Visa gift card is confirmed.

Difference between Open-loop and closed-loop gift cards

  • Closed gift cards are typically free to activate, meaning you only pay the dollar amount that you load onto the card. While Open-loop cards generally require payment of an activation fee because that is where the gift card company makes profits.
  • Closed-loop gift cards are usually not reloadable while open-loop gift cards are reloadable.
  • Funds on a closed-loop gift card may have a specified expiration date, this is not common with open-loop gift cards

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