Get Extra Cash Selling eBay Gift Cards

Selling eBay Gift Cards: People are always looking for ways to get the most out of their gift cards. One popular option is exchanging them for cash. Gift cards have become popular because they are easy to use, and they offer a way for people to get something they want without having to spend money. The easiest way to exchange a gift card is through an online service like CardVest.

An eBay gift card is a type of prepaid card that can be used toward purchases on the eBay website, similar to store credit or a debit card. Individuals who wish to exchange their unused or unwanted eBay gift cards for immediate monetary value often resort to selling them online in order to make some extra money.

Selling eBay Gift Cards

At one point or another, most people have asked themselves why someone would sell an eBay gift card for cash. After all, eBay gift cards are a great way to shop without having to use your own money. However, there are many reasons why someone may choose to forego the convenience of using an eBay gift card in favor of receiving cash instead.

The first reason is that not everyone uses eBay, so they would rather have the money than a useless card. Oftentimes, when they receive a gift card as a present, they don’t even know how to use it and selling it back for cash seems like the easiest solution. Another reason is that sometimes people may be in need of immediate funds and want access to their money quickly – selling a gift card can provide them with fast cash.

Selling eBay Gift Cards

eBay has been around for over twenty years, and during that time, it has become one of the most popular online marketplaces in the world. Despite its popularity, eBay gift cards are not as commonly used in Nigeria or Ghana as they are in other parts of the world. There are no official eBay stores in both countries, and so people generally sell their eBay gift cards for naira or cedis. This lack of availability may be one reason why Nigerians or Ghanaians don’t use eBay gift cards as often as they should.

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When it comes to selling eBay gift cards in Nigeria or Ghana, there are a number of platforms available. One of these is Cardvest, which makes the process easy and efficient.

How to sell eBay gift cards for cash

Cash can often come in handy, and if you have a gift card that you don’t need or won’t use, it might be time to turn it into cash. Cardvest is the best platform for those looking to sell their unwanted gift cards for cash. To trade your eBay gift cards for cash, follow these steps:

  1. First of all, sign up on with your phone number and other details like your name, password and email address. You can also access Cardvest mobile app on your smartphone.
  2. Once you have successfully registered an account, proceed to your dashboard. Upload the details of your eBay gift card – including its category, type, USD value and PIN code.
  3. Cardvest will provide you with an exchange rate based on the category of your gift card. The value would be displayed in your local currency i.e., Naira or Ghanaian cedis. Confirm the rates and proceed to trade your eBay gift card.
  4. After the gift card details have been confirmed, you would get credited to your CardVest wallet. You can then proceed to submit your bank details and transfer your funds from your CardVest wallet to your bank account.

What sets Cardvest apart from other platforms is its commitment to providing a secure, hassle-free experience for customers. All transactions are processed with no need for any additional charges or fees.

Recent reports have revealed a sharp increase in the number of electronic scams out there. In particular, those who are looking to sell gift cards should be aware that they may be targeted by fraudsters. A gift card is essentially like cash, so it’s important to take steps to protect yourself when selling them online or through other means.
In many cases, scammers will offer people more money than what the card is worth, which can seem too good to be true. This is often an indication of a scammer trying to get someone’s gift card without paying out the full amount promised. Additionally, you should also watch out for requests from buyers asking you to send them a copy of your ID or other personal information as part of the sales process—this can indicate a scammer attempting identity theft and should not be done at any cost.

Cardvest’s comprehensive approach to security provides ultimate peace of mind for customers who want to sell gift cards online without worrying about scams or fraudsters taking advantage of them.


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