Types of gift cards in Ireland 

Types of gift cards in the Netherlands 

Types of gift cards in Ireland ; Have you ever wondered about the types of gift cards in Ireland? If yes, you’re in for a ride because there are several types of gift cards in Ireland.

Gift cards are preloaded debit cards created to serve as an alternative means of payment. While gift cards have continuously solved the payment problem, it has also made gift-giving and business promotion more convenient and cheaper than ever. In Ireland, gift-giving is alive and well, especially during the festivities. There’s a lot of exchanging of gifts, but there’s always a conflict of interest.

The conflict of interest arises in the giver’s heart not knowing what to gift the recipient. The giver always has two choices in any circumstance: buy a gift according to what the recipient needs or what the giver thinks the recipient needs. A gift card quickly solves this conflict because nobody can say no to them. If you know the recipient’s interest, you must purchase a gift card accordingly.

For example, if the recipient enjoys music, purchase an iTunes gift card for such a person, and it’ll be much appreciated.

Types of gift cards in Ireland 

Types of gift cards in Ireland 

There are different types of gift cards in Ireland, and they are discussed below.

Ireland Steam gift card

If the recipient is a lover of games, the Steam gift card is definitely the way to go. Steam gift cards are distributed by Steam which is a gaming platform that connects gamers all over the world. So it doesn’t matter if the gift is for an avid gamer or an occasional gamer; it will eventually be put to good use. It is better than buying them gifts that they wouldn’t use. With an Ireland Steam gift card, their gaming experience is improved. They can easily fund their Steam wallet to purchase gaming accessories and software.

Ireland iTunes gift card

As mentioned earlier, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a music or movie lover, then an iTunes gift card is the best way to go. With an Ireland iTunes gift card, it is easier for the recipient to purchase music, movies, tv shows, books, and lots more from the iTunes store.

ITunes gift cards are distributed by Apple Inc. It is used to add credit to your Apple ID account so that you can easily make payment for any software product. Itunes gift cards do not have the same purpose as Apple gift cards. Apple gift cards are general gift cards and can be exchanged for both hardware and software Apple products. Itunes gift cards, on the other hand, can only be used to purchase Apple software products. ITunes and Apple gift cards come in different values and can be purchased online or in many stores throughout Ireland.

Ireland Amazon gift cards

If the recipient of your gift loves shopping, then an Amazon gift card is the perfect gift. Amazon gift cards are special because while they might not be an open-loop gift cards, they can be used to purchase anything the recipients want.

Amazon sells a wide range of products, including buying books, clothes, electronics, and many more. The gift cards are available in denominations ranging from €10 to €200, and they never expire. Another special feature of the Amazon gift card is that they are reloadable.  

Ireland Google Play gift card

Google Play gift card is very popular amongst tech-savvy individual. It is like an iTunes gift card, only that it cannot be used on the Apple platform. Google Play gift cards can be used to purchase apps, games, movies, and more on the Google Play Store. You can also use it to purchase youtube premium subscriptions and in-app purchases. Google Play gift cards are available in denominations from €5 to €100 and can be redeemed online or via the Google Play app.

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