How to sell Amazon gift cards in Nigeria

amazon gift card to cash

Sell amazon gift cards in Nigeria

Traders in Nigeria are constantly looking for ways to monetize their assets. As the economy grows, more and more people are turning “entrepreneurs” by putting all their savings into products like Amazon gift cards. Unlike other countries, it is not so easy to find a buyer for these gift cards. Reason being that there is still a significant amount of people who do not have an idea of the best places to trade their card funds.

In Nigeria, there are a lot of card exchange sites and apps. However, only a few ones are reliable enough for traders to entrust their fund exchange. In this post, you will learn a few things about Amazon gift cards and how you can sell them for cash in Nigeria.

About Amazon gift cards

Amazon is one of the largest eCommerce stores across the world with multiple trading lines in various industries. They offer nice gift card options to assist their customers with purchasing and easy gifting on the online store.

Amazon gift cards are the perfect gift for anyone! You’ll find a card with just the right amount to suit your budget. The best part is that you can spend it on anything you want, so there’s something for everyone.

Now, Amazon sells more than just books and movies these days – they have everything from clothes to electronics to toys and games. And if you’re not sure what someone wants or needs, or even their favorite color, music genre, or TV show – no problem! Just give them an Amazon Gift Card in any denomination between $5-$2,000 and let them pick out whatever they like. That way, they get exactly what they wanted without having to worry about returning it later because of buyer’s remorse.

Visit to purchases your gift cards in various denominations. Choosing an Amazon gift card also comes with an option to customize it for special occasions. There are different designs for special celebrations like Thanksgiving, mother’s day, weddings, Christmas, Easter, New year, and more.

Amazon offers two broad types of gift cards; physical plastic gift cards and digital gift cards. Most retail stores and financial service solutions issue physical plastic cards, but not all gift card issuers can fix you on digital gift cards.

Digital cards are usually called eGift cards and are also tradable to gift card exchange sites. Amazon digital gift card is an inanimate card that is delivered to your email and can perform all the functions that plastic cards will do. It’s an amazing option for people who wants to send gift cards to friends living outside the country or places where delivering a physical card would not be feasible.

Another advantage of Amazon gift cards is that they do not expire and holders can use them multiple times. Recipients do not have to spend all the money at once as leftover funds can be spent in the future. Amazon gift cards are just the perfect catch for both gift cards users and traders.

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How to sell Amazon gift card on Cardvest

Step 1 ) Log in to your CardVest account if you are an Existing user. For new users, Click here to create an account.

gift cards in nigeria cardvest add account details

Step 2) Select your gift card; After selecting the gift card you want to trade and amount, the rate calculator will automatically display the amount for your trade. Click on Proceed to trade card.

Rate Calculator

Select Amazon gift card under category. Under gift card, select the type of card you want to trade. For example; USA Amazon Cash Receipt (50-100) or USA Amazon Cash Receipt 500 Single or Amazon US $25,40,75 or Amazon US $110-250, etc. Note; You can specify if you want your funds sent to your bank directly or your CardVest Wallet.

w trade 1

After Selecting the Amazon gift card you want to trade, you’ll be required to upload the image of your card to further process your trade.

w trade 2

After this, you’ll be required to go through the Terms of Trade to understand the policies associated with the gift card you want to trade.

w term of trade1
W term of trade 2

Click on place order and your gift card will be processed immediately .

CardVest remains the best gift card trading platform, offering the best rates and top notch services !!


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