Why is my steam card saying invalid?

Why is my steam card saying invalid?

The world today has embraced the breakthrough of ease and comfort by engaging the use of gift cards and cryptocurrencies. They have formed new ways by which simple transactions can be carried out and value stored. 

Among the many gift cards that we have is a Steam gift card. Steam cards are digital resourceful cards that can be redeemed through the steam platform. Its versatility in transactions spans gaming platforms, online downloadable platforms, and other multimedia platforms.

It is a hybrid gift card that can be purchased both physically and digitally. It can be purchased online by verified online vendors e.g. CardVest. Its price ranges from $5 to $100 on online vendor platforms. It can also be purchased physically at vendor stores. It can be bought in various denominations ranging from $20 to $100.

The steam digital storefront makes use of a digital verification system that cannot be replicated offline. Embedded in every card is an activation code that allows the buyer to transfer the amount of money it was purchased physically to his digital steam wallet. 

As this value can be transferred from one person to the other, the buyer or sender (as the case may be) can decide to send it to anyone. The recipient will be able to receive the value by accepting the steam gift card. This form of value can only be activated online so this will require the recipient to activate the gift card online to access the money stored in the gift card.

In a diverse nation like Nigeria, several online platforms have stepped up to make the process of converting steam gift cards to cash simple and stress-free. However, with this diversity comes diverse issues. A lot of these platforms cannot be trusted. This is where CardVest comes in.

CardVest is a tested and proven platform with a track record of ease, simplicity, and honesty. We deliver the best of services in record time. They are, without controversy, the best gift card trader in Nigeria. 

When purchases are made using the steam platform and steam gift card, there are possibilities for leftover funds to accumulate in the wallet. This balance is left untouched except you redeem it or purchase something with it.

To redeem your steam card, follow these steps carefully,

  • Log in to the Steam platform and sign in to your profile.
  • Access your profile on the Steam platform by clicking on the right-hand corner.
  • An option pops up in form of a dialog box, click “View My Wallet”
  • After this is done, another dialog box opens, where you click on “Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code”
  • A space is provided for you to fill in the details of your steam gift card. Make sure the details are entered correctly and every special character is accounted for.
  • After this is done, you can click on continue. 

This process is important when verifying the value of your purchased or received Steam gift card. Here are reasons why this is important:

  • Since most gift card purchases are made on third-party platforms, it is necessary to double-check to verify if the value is the same as the amount you paid for.
  • If you have plans on reselling your steam gift card, it is necessary you know the value of the steam gift card.
  • If you want to make purchases using an already used gift card, you need to know how much is on it.
  • In cases when you plan on gifting your steam gift card, it is necessary you know the value of the gift card you are gifting out.

There are, however, cases where you try to access your steam gift card on the steam website but it keeps saying “invalid” In this case, there are very few options to consider. 

Reasons why my steam card keeps saying invalid:

  • You entered the codes incorrectly

This is the first thing to check when you encounter this query message. Steam gift card activation codes are character sensitive so any mistake is considered a wrong input. To rectify this, make sure you type in the codes carefully. Ensure all special characters are accounted for and every change of case in the letters is entered correctly.

  • You are entering the code on the wrong webpage

This is a common issue for first-time visitors on the steam website. Several people enter the activation code on the “client” web page rather than the “redeem wallet code” webpage. To remedy this, go to the right webpage and enter your activation code.

why is my steam card saying invalid
  • There is an issue with the steam gift card

Issues like this are usually user-specific so there is no definite solution to them. The best possible solution is to contact Steam’s support team.


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