How to Sell Amazon Gift Card For Cash

amazon gift card to cash


SELL AMAZON GIFT CARD FOR CASH: If you do not sell your gift card for cash to the right company, you risk losing your gift card to rippers or scammers, which can be very painful. This is why you must be aware of the best sites to sell your Amazon gift card for cash.

What are Gift Cards?


Gift cards are prepaid debit cards that contain a defined amount of money that the holder can use at any time for purchases within the price range of the gift card. They are presentable gifts for occasions requiring gift-giving such as graduations and birthdays or during special holiday seasons like Christmas. Gift cards are more embraced today because it saves the giver the stress of thinking of the perfect gift to give for an occasion. 

Kinds of gift cards

There are two kinds of gift cards: Store cards and Cash cards. With your cash card, you can make any purchase anywhere; so far, credit cards are accepted there. It is the same as carrying cash, but its disadvantage as a perfect gift is it lacks the personal touch a gift should have. Cash cards can also be called open-loop gift cards. An example is a gift card with a Visa logo. 

On the other hand, store cards are more acceptable gifts because they are owned by specific stores and can only be used for services rendered by these stores. Examples of store cards are Google play cards, Amazon, Macy’s, and Victoria’s Secret gift cards. They are also called closed-loop gift cards. So, if you have an Amazon gift card, for instance, you will only be able to use it at a retailer issuing an Amazon gift card.

Forms of gift cards

Gift cards can take two different forms: physical or digital. A physical gift card can be used physically in stores or online, but a digital gift card can only be used virtually, such as online or over the phone.

A benefit that digital gift cards have is adding them to mobile wallets if you feel the need to make your purchases easier and more secure. They take the form of a unique gift code number assigned to you to redeem at online retailers when making purchases. In addition, some companies allow customers to buy physical gift cards and to load online or digital accounts. For example, Amazon offers both physical and digital gift cards.

Advantages of Gift Cards

  • Good payment substitute over cash or credit cards
  • It helps in avoiding bank overdrafts hence, controlling spending
  • An appropriate gift for special occasions and holidays
  • Easy and convenient to use

Disadvantages of Gift Cards

  • Possibility of money wastage where a small amount of money is left untouched after making purchases
  • Limited purchasing power with closed-loop cards
  • Failure to use the card could amount to a charge of an inactivity fee.

Are you in possession of an Amazon gift card? Or do you need a breakdown of how you can convert your Amazon gift card to cash? Here’s a detailed explanation of what an Amazon gift card is and a simplified, step-by-step procedure to sell Amazon gift cards in Nigeria

What is Amazon Gift Cards?

An Amazon gift card is a pre-purchased card to be used to purchase products such as digital music, Kindle content, and Amazon video downloads on the Amazon store or the Amazon app store.

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Uses of Amazon Gift Cards

  • Make purchases on the Amazon store
  • For digital downloads

You could also convert your Amazon gift card to cash by selling it to a reliable platform if you do not wish to use it for any of the above purposes.

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Best way to sell Amazon gift cards for cash

Several gift card platforms allow Nigerians to sell their Amazon gift cards in return for a payment in cash. However, some platforms contain features that could prevent you from getting the best out of your trading. If you want to sell your Amazon gift card through the best platform, CardVest should be your choice. 

CardVest is an online platform that allows you to sell any unused, prepaid, and non-reloadable gift cards, such as an Amazon gift card. It is impossible to trade your gift card at a loss because of Nigeria’s most profitable and customer-focused gift card trading platform. You may sell your gift card through access to the website or through Cardvest mobile app that is super easy to use. Your transaction is completed swiftly in a maximum of 10 minutes, and your payment is guaranteed.

Kindly proceed to sell your Amazon gift card through these 5 simple steps:

  • Log on to CardVest or open the mobile app then, create an account or log in if you are an existing user
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  • Input ‘Amazon’ under category and the type of Amazon gift card you want to trade under ‘Gift Card’ and the amount. Automatically, the rate calculator will display the amount for your trade, so you click ‘Proceed.’
  • Specify if you want your funds sent to your CardVest wallet or directly to your bank account.
  • Upload the image of your card
image 38
  • Place your order

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