How to Sell Steam Gift Cards for Cash

Sell Steam Gift Cards for Cash

Sell Steam Gift Cards for Cash how to sell steam gift card

Sell Steam Gift Cards for Cash: Steam gift cards are used on Steam to purchase games, software, hardware, and other items you can get on Steam. They come in different forms, physical and digital, and can be gotten in retail stores across the US.

If you consider what kind of gift to get your game-loving friends, a gift card in hand is the best way to go. The gift card may not be feasible for gamers who use consoles; it is however loved by people who play on their PCs. One of the perks of using the Steam gift card is that it is usable in the US only.

For Nigerians and Ghanaians who own Steam gift cards, the only way they get to use it is by selling it for cash. Many businesses render the service of converting gift cards to cash in Africa – especially Nigeria and Ghana. Cardvest is one of them.

Cardvest- The Best Selling Place for Your Steam Gift Card

Cardvest is an African gift card trading company domiciled in Nigeria whose operations extend to Ghana. Since its establishment in 2016, Cardvest has grown to become one of the best gift card traders in West Africa. We use the Chinese exchange rate in our gift card conversion.

There is no doubt about the high quality of service Cardvest offers, however, anybody can make claims. What are the distinct features that give Cardvest an advantage over its competitors?

  1. Unlike many other gift card converters that are faceless social media accounts. Some of these social media personalities are very untrustworthy as you can only hold them by their words. Countless individuals have also fallen prey to these scammers that parade as gift card converters on the internet. Cardvest has introduced measures to ensure transparency in its dealings with customers. We have a company email, a Whatsapp number, and an Instagram account which you can reach any time of the day.
  2. Cardvest offers you an exchange rate like no other. Our rates follow the trend in the Chinese exchange rate. You can review our rates here and compare them with our other gift card trading platforms.
  3. Cardvest allows you to trade a large variety of cards. You can trade over 300 types of gift cards; of different currencies on the platform.
  4. It is a user-friendly platform, Cardvest has arguably the best UI among its contemporaries. Apart from the platform being easy to use, it is also very beautiful and simple. You can set up your account and carry out transactions in easy DIY (Do It Yourself) steps. We at Cardevst understand that making our services too complex is only a way of keeping customers out.
  5. We process transactions with light speed. One of our company’s visions is to put a smile on the faces of our users. We achieve this goal each time we deliver on our promise of a swift response to our customers.

Also, we offer 24/7 service delivery to our customers. We also offer round-the-clock customer service. Through the different online mediums, our customers can relay their feedback, complaints, and inquiries. It has helped position us as a very customer-centric business.

  • One of the most secure platforms available right now is Cardvest. Customers’ data and information are of paramount importance to us. Hence, we make every effort to consistently upgrade our security protocol to deal with the bad guys. Considering the level of cyber threats we face today, time and resources are put into ensuring the absolute safety of Cardvest users.

Check out these FAQs for answers to common questions about Cardvest.

How to Sell your Steam Gift Card on Cardvest

– First of all, visit the website or download the Cardvest app.

– On the homepage of the website, select “Trade Now”. If you have an account, you will sign in. If you don’t have an account, you have to sign up with Cardvest.

– After signing in/up, your dashboard pops with your recent history on the Cardvest platform.

– Click on “Proceed to Trade Card”.

– On the page titled “Place an Order” and select “Sell Card”; Choose Steam in the field for “Gift Card Category”. In the field for Gift Card, select the kind of gift card you want. There are about 15 types of Steam gift cards you can sell on Cardvest.

– Enter the amount on the gift card you want to sell and drop the image of the gift card you want to sell.

– You can decide to receive your payment directly to your bank account by checking the box “Send Directly to my bank account”

– When you click on “Place Order” you have to wait for your card to be confirmed; it may take quite a while. After the confirmation of the card, your funds will be made available into any account you like.

– If you have not received your funds after 1-2 hours of confirmation, you should make a complaint.

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