How much is $100 Steam Gift Card in Naira?


100 STEAM GIFT CARD IN NAIRA?  Using the Steam Gift Card, you can redeem your gift for Steam credits. Steam cards can be used to purchase games, downloadable content, and in-game content.

Gift cards like the $100 steam gift card give you the opportunity to give a unique present to a loved one, as they can use it to buy whatever they desire, and you don’t have to worry about purchasing something that they will not like. The Steam platform provides games and other software both for Windows and Macintosh and Linux computers.

Steam gift cards are the best piece of equipment you can get today. Shoppers have a variety of options to choose from when they shop online. It is often unknown what gift cards are, how they work, and how they are used. 


The Steam Gift Card exists in order to help you purchase games, software, hardware, and any other items you can find on Steam.

Using a steam gift card, you can shop for whatever you like at You can buy these cards on steam but also through retail stores. Large companies can benefit from the high daily limit since it is so high. Steam gift cards worth $10,000 can be purchased in a single day.

In general, physical Steam cards are available in denominations of $20, $30, $50, and $100. A digital card has a denomination of $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100. Retailers sell Steam cards in-store, while Steam’s online storefront sells them digitally.

How much is $100 Steam gift card in Naira

Those of you who have been wondering how much is a $100 Steam gift card in Naira no longer have to worry as your query has been answered.  A $100 Steam gift card costs NGN 110,000.

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Considering that this rate is constantly changing and updated according to market conditions, it is important to be aware. 

There are every day different types of Steam gift cards available for trading. The differences between these cards are their features and functions. Yet the value remains the same irrespective of the card. You can purchase Steam gift cards in the following formats:

  1. Steam e-Gift card

It is a unique type of steam gift card that can only be traded and exchanged online. A code will be sent directly to each recipient’s mailbox. You can purchase an e-gift card either by selecting a predetermined amount or adding a custom amount. Such an option is extremely useful for people who tend to trade especially online. 

  • Anytime greeting cards

A greeting card is used for delivering these Steam cards. You can give these gifts as special occasions gifts to your friends, family, or colleagues. Prior to sending the steam gift card, you will need to load money onto the card on the website. Steam gift cards have no value on their own, despite their name. A steam gift card can only be redeemed for money once it is preloaded with money. Here’s how:

Log on to your account and input the card number to load money on the anytime greeting card. Your credit card will have a maximum credit of $2,000 added to it. Once the card has been paid for, it can be redeemed and used. When payment is made, it is delivered to the recipient.

  • Mail-in Gift cards

In the same way that you can customize gift cards you print yourself, you can do the same with mail-in gift cards. These gift cards can be customized and mailed in addition to being emailed to recipients. Gift cards bought by mail will arrive within 24 hours after purchase

The different gift cards with their dollar rates are as follows;

  • UK Steam Physical- (1400/$)
  • Steam E-Code New Zealand 20-200 – (700/$)
  • Euro Steam Physical – (1100/$)
  • Steam New Zealand Physical – (550/$)
  • Steam Australia Physical – (450/$)
  • Steam Switzerland Physical – (1100/$)
  • Steam Canada Physical – (580/$)
  • Steam US E-code – (650/$)
  • Steam Euro E-code 20-200 – (700/$)
  • Steam Australia E-code 20-200 – (700/$)
  • Steam Canada E-code – (650/$)
  • Steam Switzerland E-code – (700/$)
  • UK Steam E-code – (1200/$)
  • Steam New Zealand E-code – (700/$)
  • USA Steam 100 physical 20-200 – (1100/$)

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