How much is American Express gift card in Nigeria?

How much is American Express gift card in Nigeria?

How much is American Express gift card in Nigeria?: American Express often referred to as AMEX, is a multinational financial services corporation based in the United States. American Express has always been a leader in the field of finance and commerce because of its innovative mindset that contributed to the development of many modern-day conveniences.

The American Express gift card is a prepaid card for making purchases at any outlet that accepts American Express (AMEX) cards. Any individual who purchases this gift card can buy it with any amount they like and it will be loaded with the designated amount. If the value of the AMEX gift card gets used up, they can reload it with more money and use it again. AMEX gift cards can be purchased in various denominations, with the minimum being $25. 

There are various ways to sell AMEX gift cards in Nigeria such as through social media or through trusted platforms such as CardVest. Cardvest, Nigeria’s most popular gift card trading platform, has been steadily growing since its inception in 2016. It now boasts of over 10,000 active users. Cardvest makes it easy for users to sell, buy, and trade gift cards. Cardvest allows people to exchange their unwanted AMEX gift cards and trade them for cash. With Cardvest, you can sell your American Express (AMEX) gift card and get paid in Naira. The amount you get depends on the card’s value.

How much is $100 American Express Gift Card in Nigeria?

How much value would you get for a $100 American Express (AMEX) Gift Card in Nigeria? The answer depends on where you are exchanging it and how much it will be worth after the exchange rate. Cardvest offers the best rates for AMEX gift cards in Nigeria. On Cardvest, the $100 American Express (AMEX) Gift Card is worth 58,000 Naira. 

How much is $200 American Express Gift Card in Nigeria?

You can sell a $200 AMEX gift card in Nigeria for 116,000 Naira with Cardvest. To know how much your AMEX gift card is worth in naira presently, make use of the gift card rate calculator.

How much is $500 American Express Gift Card in Nigeria?

$500 American Express Gift Cards can also be exchanged for Nigerian currency which is Naira.

To know how much your AMEX gift card is worth in Nigeria, you need to use the gift card rate calculator. On Cardvest, $500 AMEX gift card is currently worth 305,000 Naira.

How much is American Express gift card in Nigeria?

How to sell American Express (Amex) Gift Card In Nigeria

Selling an American Express card (AMEX) in Nigeria can be quite hard. Especially if you don’t know the right channels to use. Selling American Express (AMEX) gift cards in Nigeria can also be a very easy task. It only requires a few steps that anyone can complete.

Step 1: Visit Cardvest and create an account. Fill in all required details and confirm your account. Login and proceed to the dashboard. Skip the registration process and sign in if you have an existing account with Cardvest. 

Step 2: Click on ‘Trade’ to sell your AMEX gift card for naira. Type in your AMEX gift card amount and proceed to upload a clear image of the gift card. Click on ‘Place Order’ as soon as you are done.

Step 3: Once your trade is confirmed, your CardVest wallet will be credited in Naira. Confirmation takes a few minutes. You will be notified once your trade has been confirmed.

Step 4: Proceed to withdraw to your personal bank account by clicking on the wallet icon. Fill in your bank details correctly. Your bank name and account number would be required. Once you input these details correctly, your account name would automatically reflect.

How to activate American Express (Amex) Gift Card

American Express (AMEX) gift cards can be used to make purchases at any of the locations that accept AMEX cards. When you receive an American Express gift card, you need to activate it before you can use it. To activate your gift card, visit the AMEX website and fill in the necessary details which include your card number, expiration date, and security code. Alternatively, you can contact AMEX customer service for help at 1-800-419-2122 (Toll Free).


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