How Much is a $100 Amazon Gift Card in Nigeria?

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100 AMAZON GIFT CARD IN NIGERIA: Amazon gift cards are one of the gift cards with the highest rates in the world. However, despite its high rates, not all trading platforms sell at a good rate in Nigeria. Sales of Amazon gift cards at lower rates have led many gift card owners in Nigeria to hoard their cards without any use. Well, the good news is that CardVest has come to save the day. CardVest is Nigeria’s leading gift card exchange platform. The platform has won the hearts of many by selling gift cards at the best rates and paying instantly in naira.

On CardVest, the price of an Amazon gift card varies depending on the type of receipt. If your $100 Amazon gift card is a cash receipt, the price is 45,000 naira. However, if it is a debit receipt, the price is 35,000 naira, while if it is an activation receipt, the price is 26,000 naira. Hence, before selling your Amazon gift card on CardVest, you have to be sure of the card type so that you can pick the right category.

How much is a €100 Amazon gift card in Nigerian currency? 

In the currency market, the euros have a higher value than the US dollars, affecting the exchange rates of Amazon’s euro gift card. If you want to convert your €100 Amazon gift card to Nigerian currency, the best exchange platform to use in Nigeria is CardVest. The prices on CardVest are constantly updated to meet the current price of gift cards in the exchange market. On CardVest, the current price of €100 Amazon gift card is 50,000 naira.

100 AMAZON GIFT CARD IN NIGERIA 50 Amazon gift card in Naira

How can I calculate the rate of my $50 Amazon gift card?

Gift card traders used to find it difficult to calculate the current rates of their gift cards. However, CardVest recognized this problem and decided to incorporate a gift card rate calculator on their platform. The gift card rate calculator allows you to calculate the rate of any gift card and give you the equivalence in naira before proceeding with sales on the site. Kindly follow the steps below to use the gift card rates calculator.

  • Visit the CardVest online trading platform or download the mobile app from Google PlayStore.
  • Click on check rates.
  • Select the type of gift card, which in this case, is an Amazon gift card.
  • Select a gift card category, which can be either a cash receipt, debit receipt, or activation receipt.
  • Enter the amount of gift card in USD, which in this case is $50.
  • The equivalent price in naira will immediately be displayed in the box beneath the Amount box. The price of a $50 Amazon gift card is 22,500 naira, 17,500 naira, and 17,500 for cash receipt, debit receipt, and activation receipt, respectively.
  • If you want to proceed with selling your gift card on the platform, click on “proceed to trade card.”

How much is a $500 Amazon gift card in naira?

Your $500 Amazon gift card has a lot of value and shouldn’t go to waste by falling into the wrong hands. What you need is a platform that you can trust to sell your gift cards safely and securely. The safest and most reliable platform in Nigeria is CardVest, and they did not earn that position by simply being a gift card exchange platform. They earned it by working rigorously to ensure that all their customers were always satisfied with exchange rates. CardVest optimizes the profits of their customers and ensures that they have the best trading experience.

Currently, the price of a $500 Amazon gift card on the CardVest trading platform is 210,000 naira at 420 naira/$. All you have to do now is log on to the CardVest online platform or download the app from Google PlayStore.


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