How much is $100 Sephora Gift Card in Cedis?

SEPHORA GIFT CARD IN CEDIES: The Sephora Gift Card allows you to redeem your gift for Sephora credits. A Sephora Gift Card is a gift certificate issued by Sephora, one of the world’s leading beauty retailers.

You can give a gift card like the $100 Sephora gift card as a unique present to a loved one, as he or she can use it for whatever they desire and you won’t have to worry about buying something that won’t appeal to them. It can be redeemed for skincare, makeup, and fragrance products.

A Sephora gift card is the best piece of equipment you can purchase right now.

The options available to shoppers when they shop online are plentiful. Gift cards are often a mystery to people, they are hard to figure out how they work, and they are hard to use. 


We have answered the question of how much is a $100 Sephora gift card in Naira in this post. A $100 Sephora gift card costs 578.51 Cedis

The different gift cards with their dollar rates are as follows;

USA Sephora e-code 300-500 – (GHS 3.64/$)

USA Sephora e-code 50-300 – (GHS 3.64/$)

Sephora physical 100 – (GHS 5.79/$)

USA Sephora gift card 200-400 – (GHS 5.79/$)

USA Sephora physical 500 – (GHS 5.79/$)

Canada Sephora gift card 100-500 – (GHS 2.48/$)

How do you redeem your sephora gift card in Cedis


The Sephora gift card has to be redeemed with a gift card code, just like any other gift card. Following receipt of your code, your gift card can be redeemed at two major locations:

1. Shopping at Sephora and redeeming on the spot

2. The Sephora website offers redemption online

For online redemption:

1. Visit to purchase items.

2. Click on the “Checkout” button

3. Submit the Shipping Information Form 

4. Go to the Payments section and enter the number and pin of the gift card

To purchase in-store:

1. Find a Sephora retailer

2. Print out the code for your gift card

3. Present it at the store when making the purchase

What is the process of gift cards?

In essence, these are store cards preloaded with the value that retailers give to customers as an alternative to cash for services rendered or goods purchased online or off-site. These are sometimes given away as promotions or freebies by retailers such as Amazon, Google, etc. Additionally, you can get a gift card online – you can complete tasks, complete surveys, or pay. Gift cards are commonly gifted by friends as well.

Gift cards are popular gifts that people use for buying products, paying for services, and trading for cash. Gift cards can be classified into two types: open-loop cards (which can be used anywhere the brand is known) and closed-loop cards (which can only be used at stores where the gifts are sold).

A gift card can be loaded with a minimum and maximum amount most of the time. For example, the minimum amount is $10 and the maximum is $500. A gift card can be used part of the way toward a purchase and the balance can be balanced out with cash, a debit card, or a credit card. Several gift cards can be registered online to help reduce the risk of loss and to keep track of the remaining balance in case of loss. Some gift cards are safer than cash due to this feature.  

How to trade

Gift cards for Sephora are available almost everywhere, but most especially on platforms like CardVest, which are safe and fast.

Set up an account

Before trading, you must establish an account with a reliable and trustworthy trading platform such as CardVest. CardVest only asks for your email address and phone number; any other private information should not be provided because a trustworthy platform such as that would not ask for such information. Once you’ve created a login account, you’ll see information like a profile, transactions, card, referrals, and so on.

image 15

Process of trading

To determine the rates for buying and selling, you would use the rate calculator. As a next step, you need to add your bank account, which only requires your account number and bank name; no other information is required. As soon as your account has been added, an acknowledgment will appear.

To trade, you will then need to open the rate calculator, select the Sephora card category, then enter an amount, then click on trade. Furthermore, you have the option of depositing the money directly into your bank account, and making trades will now also be deposited directly into your bank account.

Consider reviewing the terms of trade as well to ensure you have enough information. Following this, you can place your order.


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