Top 7 Best Selling Gift Cards In Nigeria

Gift cards are relatively easy to get these days, but to get a good resell value and know the best selling gift cards might be a hassle. Apart from the type of gift card you are selling, the exchange rate varies based on the gift card vendor it is best to go for the most promising exchange platform when you want to sell your gift card, and there is no other platform that beats Cardvest.

The type of gift card you are selling also determines the value of it, some gift cards have a  resell value you can get about 85% of the value of the gift card while for some, you might not even get about 50% of the value due to the low demand for the gift card. The rate for a particular gift card depends on the demand and supply of the gift card.

If the interest for a particular gift card is high and the stockpile is low, the exchange worth will be high, however assuming there is low interest for the gift card and there is a high stockpile, the gift card rate will be low.

Utilize our gift card rate calculator to see the best gift card rates and begin exchanging your gift card for cash right away. Here are the best rate gift cards in Nigeria today.

Top 7 Gift Cards in Nigeria

Steam Gift Card

Top 7 Best Selling Gift Cards In Nigeria

Over the years, Steam Gift Card has been known to be the gift card with the highest rates in Nigeria. If you’re a gamer or you love games, then the Steam Gift Card is something you should look out for. Steam cards can be used to purchase games, software, hardware, and other gaming items. Most people or almost all gift card traders enjoy trading this card because of its high monetary value.

One of the most popular cards and the highest-selling card is the UK Steam Physical Gift Card. The current exchange rate for UK Steam physical gift card is NGN1400/$ and the e-code is exchanged at NGN1200/$. You can check the rates of other Steam gift cards using Cardvest’s rate calculator.

RazerGold Gift Card

Razer Gold Ecode To Naira

Razer Gold is a virtual gift card for gamers worldwide, it is available as a physical card and an E-code gift card.

The Razer Gold gift card can be used to buy gaming items, laptops, and apparel and also shop for other items only on the Razer Gold website.

The U.S. Razer Gold Cards and E-codes are in hot demand as one of the high rates gift cards. Using Cardvest’s exchange rate, the current value of a physical RazerGold gift card is NGN1,050/$ and the e-code is exchanged at NGN960/$.

American Express Gift Card (AMEX) 

Best platform to sell Walmart gift card for naira

You can use the AMEX gift card to purchase goods and services from coffee shops, restaurants, gas stations, etc. American Express can be used anywhere in the United States. However, you cannot reload the American Express (AMEX). AMEX gift card is also one of the gift cards with a high exchange rate, a $500 single AMEX gift card is currently exchanged at NGN610/$. 

Nordstrom Gift Card

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Nordstrom Gift Cards are among the most popular gift cards with the highest resale rates in Nigeria. You can use the Nordstrom gift card to buy high-end fashionable items online and in retail stores.

USA physical Nordstrom gift card is the top-selling card among the categories, the physical gift card is currently exchanged at NGN650/$ and the e-code is exchanged at NGN420/$.

Google Play Gift Card:

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This is one of the most popular and sort after gift cards in the gift card exchange market. Google Play gift card is popular because of the market dominance of Android users in the phone market and the Google Play gift card is the currency of the Play Store. The exchange rate for a UK Google Play physical gift card is NGN600/$ and the e-code is NGN410/$ the Switzerland variant is exchanged at NGN700/CHF for the physical card gift card. 

iTunes Gift Card

itunes gift cards

iTunes gift card holds the same value in the IOS world just like Google Play gift does in the Android community. The exchange rate for a UK iTunes gift card is NGN780/$ for the physical and the US variant due to its high supply as a lower rate of NGN860/$ for the physical card and the e-code is exchanged at NGN300/$.

Macy’s Gift Card

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Macy’s gift cards can be used to buy fashion items from the Macy’s Store; a department store in the United States. This particular gift card is common in Nigeria. You can redeem a $100 Macy’s gift card for about N88,560  here on Giftcardshub. The exchange rate is NGN820/$. 

You can use the rate calculator feature to check for other tradable gift cards rate on our platform. Create an account with us to start exchanging your gift cards.


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