eCodes available in Belgium

Types of gift cards in the Netherlands 

eCodes available in Belgium; Almost all the retailers in Belgium offer consumers gift cards as a form of promotional campaign to win new customers and keep the old loyal ones. These retailers offer gift cards in different forms, like the physical and eCode varieties. Both the physical and eCode types of gift cards serve as an alternative means of payment for purchases at gas stores, restaurants, gas stations, and lots more. However, these gift cards differ in how they are ordered and delivered.

Physical gift cards can be ordered online or bought directly from stores in Belgium. Ordering a physical gift card online is delivered to the address you entered during your purchase. Physical gift cards are delivered as plastic cards; you will find a 15- or 16-digit code on the back of the gift card. This code can be used to purchase items from any store in Belgium that supports it.

Ecode gift cards, on the other hand, are quite different. They are also called digital gift cards. Usually, you should know that almost anything done online is usually easy and more convenient than offline. Buying ecode gift cards is easier because you don’t have to wait for delivery. Your gift card will be delivered in less than 48 hrs depending on the brand. Digital Apple or Steam gift cards usually get delivered to your email in less than 24 hrs. The email contains everything you need to purchase online and in physical stores.

This article focuses mainly on eCode gift cards and the types you can find in Belgium.

eCodes available in Belgium

Some of the best eCode gift cards in Belgium are discussed below.

Apple gift cards
eCodes available in Belgium

A Belgium Apple gift card is a stored-value card that allows you to easily make purchases at the Apple store. With your Belgium Apple gift card, you can purchase MacBooks, iPhones, AirPods, iPads, and lots more. You can also use the gift card to pay for your iTunes or Apple Music subscription and buy books from Apple Books and movies from Apple TV.

Apple gift cards in Belgium can either be physical or digital. The physical type can be bought from stores or ordered online and delivered to your doorstep. It resembles conventional debit cards and can be presented physically or used for online payments. On the other hand, the digital type can only be ordered online, and you’ll receive the card details in less than an hour in an email. The email will contain your card’s Pin and CVV.


Delhaize is a supermarket chain with locations in Belgium and other countries. Their gift cards are a great option for anyone looking to give a special treat to their loved ones. The Delhaize gift card can be used at any store or on the website. You can choose from several denominations and design options, and you can even add a personalized message. The Delhaize gift card can be redeemed in all Belgian stores or online and never expires. 


Inno is a great gift card choice for anyone shopping in Belgium. With Inno, you can choose from many items, including books, clothing, electronics, and more. 

The Inno card also allows you to earn loyalty points, which can be used to get discounts on future purchases. In addition, you can also use the Inno app to get exclusive discounts and offers. 

With so many options available, the Inno card is an excellent choice for anyone looking to give the perfect Belgian gift. It provides access to some of the best brands and stores in Belgium and allows users to enjoy exclusive discounts and offers via the Inno app. 

The best platform to trade Belgium gift cards in Nigeria and get paid

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If you are looking for a reliable platform to trade your Belgium gift cards for cash in Nigeria, you have come to the right place. Cardvest offers the best trading services for gift cards in Nigeria, and it is undebatable

Cardvest’s existing users have continued to sing our praises because we offer the best rates no matter the condition of the exchange market. There is no gift card you cannot sell on Cardvest because the platform supports over 20 cards. The platform is easy to use with its intuitive user interface, making trading seamless.

Cardvest is well-secured with the best security technology to ensure that your assets are always safe and not accessible by fraudulent, unauthorized third parties. Whenever you are using the platform and encounter any issues, you can easily contact our customer service to proffer workable solutions. To register on Cardvest, visit the website or download the mobile app to create an account.

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How much is a Belgium eCode gift card in Nigeria?

Cardvest has a unique feature called the rates calculator that allows you to calculate the current rates of your gift cards without stress. The calculator can easily be accessed via the Cardvest website or app. On Cardvest, eCode gift cards usually have higher exchange rates than the physical types.


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