Types of gift cards in Dubai AED

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Types of gift cards in Dubai AED; Buying gifts for our friends and families on their special day is a tradition that is as old as time and has been preserved over the years. Whether it’s for a birthday, wedding anniversary, or hitting milestones, a gift shows that you care and appreciate the recipient. In Dubai, the spirit of gift-giving is alive and well.

So, if you’re looking for something special to gift your friend in Dubai, a gift card is the best way to go. Gift cards might be a good substitute for cash and credit card payments, but they also serve as the best gifts. Cash and kind gifts might be good, but a gift card shows intentionality. It gives the recipient much freedom to buy whatever they like from their favorite stores. This way, they get to buy an item that they need. It’s better than when you guess what the recipient needs.

There are different types of gift cards in Dubai, but the most popular type is the Apple Store gift card, and that is because it serves different purposes. Read on to learn more about Apple gift cards and other popular ones in Dubai.

Types of gift cards in Dubai AED

Apple gift cards
Types of gift cards in Dubai AED

Apple gift cards are store-value cards distributed by Apple. Apple is well-known around the world for producing the best mobile gadgets, software, and PCs. This means you can use your Apple gift card to buy any product that Apple produces. The Apple gift cards can be used to purchase iPhones, MacBooks, books, music subscriptions, iPads, AirPods, and other Apple products.

There are two types of Apple gift cards in Dubai, physical and digital types. They are exactly what their names imply. A physical Apple gift card can be ordered online or in stores around Dubai. The gift card is physically delivered to your address after payment is confirmed. Delivery might take a while, which is why it is preferable to opt for digital Apple gift cards. The digital types are ordered online and delivered in less than 24hrs to your email.

More often than not, people confuse Apple gift cards with iTunes gift cards because the same company produces them. While the latter half of the previous statement is true, the gift cards are quite different in the ways you can use them. Apple gift cards can be used to pay for any Apple product, both hardware and software products. You can even say they are the general Apple cards. ITunes gift cards, on the other hand, are used for the purchase of only Apple software products like music and books. Both the Apple and iTunes gift cards can be conveniently purchased in Dubai.

List of other gift cards in Dubai

Apart from Apple gift cards, there are other popular gift cards in Dubai. Some of these gift cards are discussed below.

Microsoft gift cards 

Microsoft gift cards are one of the most popular gift cards in Dubai. It can be used to make purchases of Microsoft digital items such as Office 365 subscriptions, Xbox Live, Windows Store apps and games, movies, music, and lots more. The gift card is perfect for friends and family that have corporate jobs.

UAE Mall gift card

If the recipient is someone that loves shopping in the mall, this is the perfect gift card. The card provides access to some of the best shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences in Dubai. This card gives the recipient the opportunity to explore their shopping desires. The only downside that is not really disadvantageous is that you might spend a lot depending on the recipient’s shopping appetite. The value of the card usually ranges from AED 100 to AED 2,500. 

Amazon gift cards 

Amazon is the most popular e-commerce organization in the world. So, an Amazon gift card is a literal goldmine because recipients of this card can shop from a variety of items on their website.

Where to sell Dubai Apple Store gift cards in Nigeria?

iPhone 12 Pro

If you’re wondering if Dubai Apple Store gift cards can be sold in Nigeria, the answer is yes. In fact, you can sell any type of country gift card in Nigeria. It just depends on the type of gift card exchange platform to decide to use for your trades. In this vein, we implore you to choose a versatile and reliable platform like Cardvest so that you can perform all your trades in one place.

Apart from being versatile and reliable, Cardvest also sells gift cards for naira at the best rates to help traders maximize their profits. The Cardvest platforms are relatively easy to use because of their easy and intuitive user interface.

On Cardvest, you also get to trade without the fear of getting scammed because of our tight security methods. The customer service is always at your beck and call to attend to your needs whenever you need them. You don’t want to miss this golden opportunity to trade gift cards at the best rate and get paid immediately with ease.

To get started on Cardvest, you’ll need to create an account by visiting the platform’s website or downloading the mobile apps.

How much is a Dubai Apple gift card in Nigeria 

The current price of a Dubai Apple gift card can be calculated using the Cardvest rates calculator. All you have to do is visit the Cardvest platform, click check rates, input your card details, and the equivalent of your gift card in Naira will be displayed.

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