Types of gift cards in Saudi Arabia

Types of gift cards in Dubai AED

Types of gift cards in Saudi Arabia; If you’ve ever wondered if there are gift cards in Saudi Arabia, you will find the answers in this article.

Gift cards are popular in Saudi Arabia because they are used as an alternative means of payment to purchase goods and services. These cards also serve as unique gifts for friends on their special day. There are several gift cards in Saudi Arabia, but the most popular gift card is the Apple gift card.

You’ve probably heard about Apple gift cards if you have an iPhone or a MacBook. This is because they were created by the same company, Apple, to serve as an alternative means of payment for Apple software and hardware products. Read on and learn more about Apple gift cards and how to trade them for money in Nigeria.

Types of gift cards in Saudi Arabia

About Apple gift cards in Saudi Arabia
Sell Apple Gift Cards

Apple gift card is one of the most popular gift cards in Saudi Arabia. Apple gift cards are distributed by Apple Inc. Apple is an American multinational technology company with the biggest market capitalization of over 394.3 billion US dollars. Apple is also the fourth-largest personal computer vendor by unit sales and second largest manufacturer of mobile phones. Achieving these feats has placed Apple at the forefront of digital technology.

Saudi Arabians are lovers of gadgets, especially Apple devices, which is why Apple gift cards are so popular in the country. You can buy any Apple product with a Saudi Apple gift card, both software and hardware. The hardware devices include MacBooks, AirPods, iPhones, iWatches, and lots more. You can use the card to pay for subscriptions across all Apple platforms. Apple platforms more readily accept the Apple gift card than other forms of payment like credit or debit cards.

Apart from Apple gift cards serving as a substitute for payment, they also serve as a wonderful gift for friends on their special day. The Apple gift card can be loaded with funds as low as $100 and as high as $1,000.

If you’ve been wondering if an Apple store gift card is the same as an iTunes gift card, the answer is no! Apple Store gift cards are like the general Apple Card used to purchase software and hardware products. ITunes gift cards, on the other hand, can only be used to buy software products like Apple Books, music, movies, and games.

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Where to sell Saudi Apple gift cards in Nigeria

With the influx of fake exchange platforms in Nigeria, the need to find a good exchange platform devoid of scams increases daily. If you know you want to sell Saudi Apple gift cards for cash and at the best rates, you must find an reliable exchange platform that offers good rates. Any other type of platform that cannot offer what want you to want will impede your growth as a gift card trader.

The best gift card exchange platform in Nigeria is Cardvest. Cardvest is an innovative digital trading platform that allows gift card holders in Nigeria to trade their assets and get paid in Naira. With Cardvest, you never have to worry about getting scammed or hacked because the platform has the best security technology. Cardvest has an intuitive user interface that makes trading easy and seamless. You can easily navigate the app to trade Saudi Apple gift cards for naira. Other features include; fast transactions, fast payment, responsive customer support, and rates calculator.

How to sell Saudi Arabia Apple gift cards online

To sell a Saudi Apple gift card online, visit the Cardvest website or download the mobile app from the Google Play store or the App Store. Follow the steps below to sell Apple gift cards on Cardvest.

Types of gift cards in Saudi Arabia
  • Visit Cardvest’s website or download the mobile app. The mobile app is available on both Google Play and App Store.
  • Create an account with a valid email address if you are a new user or log in if you already have an account.
  • On your account dashboard, enter the type and amount of Apple gift card you want to trade to the calculator to check the Cedi value and click on “Proceed to trade card.”
  • Provide your Apple gift card details and upload a picture of the gift card on the next page. Choose if you want to receive payment directly to your bank account and click on Proceed to submit your trade.
  • Your Cardvest account or Bank account will be credited immediately after the authenticity of your transaction is confirmed.

Download Cardvest on App Store

How much is a Saudi Arabia Apple gift cards?

On Cardvest, you can calculate the current price of your Apple gift card by using the rates calculator. The rates calculator is easy to use, like every other feature of Cardvest. The calculator is constantly updated with the current rates, and gift cards are sold at the same rate. Currently, a $100 Saudi Arabia Apple gift card is 12,000 naira.


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