Types of gift cards in the Netherlands 

Types of Gift cards in Switzerland

Types of gift cards in the Netherlands ; Gift cards in the Netherlands have revolutionized how gifts are perceived and payments are made. It provides a convenient and flexible alternative to the conventional traditional methods of gift giving and payments.

Gift cards are becoming more popular as their utility increases in the Netherlands. With technological advancements, there is now more than one type of gift card in the Netherlands, and they have diverse uses. One function gift cards do not provide cash withdrawal from the ATM. To date, only debit cards serve that function. However, in countries like Nigeria, gift cards can be converted to naira on trusted and reliable exchange platforms like Cardvest.

Whether you need to buy a gift card for a friend or make quick payments, a gift card is the perfect choice. The following section will discuss 10 of the best gift cards in the Netherlands.

Types of gift cards in the Netherlands 

Types of gift cards in the Netherlands 

Here are the top 10 gift cards in the Netherlands.

Apple gift cards 

Apple gift cards are used as a payment option to access products and services offered by Apple. You can use an Apple gift card to purchase iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, watches, and other products.

Steam gift cards

Steam gift cards are gifts for gamers. Steam is one of the largest gaming platforms in the world. Steam gift cards can be easily redeemed on Steam for credit in the Netherlands. It is an acceptable method of payment to purchase gaming hardware and software, and they can be either digital or physical.

Google Play gift cards

Google Play gift cards are pretty popular because Google provides several digital services. With your Google Play gift card, you can enter any Google store in the Netherlands to purchase any digital item. Google Play gift cards are available in two forms, physical and digital. Both types have the same value but are ordered and delivered differently. To order a physical Google Play gift card, you will have to visit a store or do so online. Conversely, you can easily order a digital Google Play gift card online and receive the card in less than 24hrs.

Hema gift cards

The HEMA gift card is one of the Netherlands’ most commonly used gift cards. It can be used to purchase a wide range of products, including clothing, housewares, and groceries, at HEMA stores nationwide.

The VVV gift cards

The VVV gift card is a flexible choice utilized at numerous retailers across the Netherlands, not just limited to shopping. It can be used for dining out, visiting museums, cinema, and other leisurely activities.

IKEA gift cards

Ikea is a reputable furniture and home accessories seller, and their gift cards are a go-to option for those seeking a functional gift. The card can be redeemed at any of the company’s stores nationwide, enabling recipients to purchase furniture, housewares, and other home goods.

Primera gift cards

Primera gift cards are closed-loop because they can only spend in Primera. You can purchase books, magazines, pretty accessories, and other items with a Netherland Primera gift card. This is a perfect gift for anyone that loves reading.

Bongo gift cards

Bongo is a wellness and spa company in the Netherlands. With the Bongo gift card, you can easily subscribe to their services. During the festivities, Bongo also shares free gift cards to some of their loyal customers.

Wonderbox gift cards 

Wonderbox gift cards are open-loop gift cards because they can be used in almost any store around the Netherlands. With a Wonderbox gift card, you can pay for a fun experience in Wonderbox. The experience includes wellness, cultural, and adventurous activities.

Netflix gift card

Netflix is a well-known subscription-based platform that offers various award-winning movies, tv-series, and documentaries. Because of Netflix, you can now access movies on all your mobile devices in the Netherlands. It is why Netflix gift cards are popular in the Netherlands. Paying for your Netflix subscription with a Netherlands Netflix gift card is easier than a regular debit or credit card.

Can I sell Netherlands gift cards in Nigeria?

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If you had asked this question 10-15 years ago, the answer would have been no. With technology raging fire in every sector of Nigeria, gift cards can now be sold for cash. So, if you have a Netherland Apple, Steam, or Google Play, you can convert them to cash quickly on an exchange platform like Cardvest.

Cardvest is undoubtedly the best gift card exchange platform in Nigeria, with its excellent trading services. With Cardvest, you can easily revel in the trading experience because it is void of stress and slow transactions. On the platform, you can sell Netherlands gift cards at the best rates and get paid instantly. You will also enjoy good security, responsive customer service, a rates calculator, and swift transactions.
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How much is a $100 Netherlands Steam gift card on Cardvest?

Using the Cardvest rates calculator, the price of a $100 Netherlands Steam gift card is 42,000 naira.


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