Types of gift cards in the UK

Types of Gift cards in Switzerland

There are different types of gift cards in the UK. Some of these gift cards are more popular than others, and five of them have been discussed below.

Top 5 most popular gift cards in the Uk

Here are the top five most popular gift cards in the UK in no particular order.

Steam gift cards
Types of gift cards in the UK

Steam gift cards are for gamers that want access to gaming accessories and downloadables. Any game lover will love a UK Steam gift card because it makes the purchase of gaming products from the Steam website very easy.

Apple gift cards 
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If the recipient of your gift uses Apple devices, they’ll definitely appreciate a UK Apple gift card. With an Apple gift card, payment for an Apple Music subscription, the purchase of Apple products becomes very easy. Apple gift cards can be purchased online or in-store, depending on what’s convenient for you.

Vanilla gift cards

UK Vanilla gift cards differ from all the other gift cards on this list. While Steam, Apple, Amazon, and Google Play gift cards are closed-loop, Vanilla gift cards are open-loop. This means vanilla gift cards can be used anywhere, unlike the rest, which is very restricted. You can spend your vanilla gift cards in convenience stores, gas stations, bookstores, restaurants, and more. There’s hardly any limit because most stores in the UK accept them as an alternative means of payment.

Google Play gift cards 

Google Play gift cards are also popular because they are cost-effective and budget-friendly. Google is like the rival of Apple. There is silent competition between both products because they produce almost the same products. Like your UK Apple store gift card, you can use a Google Play gift card to purchase books, music, movies, apps, subscriptions, gadgets, games, and more. Anybody that is a mobile device enthusiast will definitely appreciate a Google Play gift card.

Amazon gift cards 

Amazon gift cards might be last on the list but are not the least popular. There’s nobody in the UK that will not appreciate an Amazon gift card as a gift. Amazon gift cards might not be open-loop that can be used to shop anywhere, but they are very useful. Amazon sells a wide variety of products giving its recipients a plethora of options when they are ready to spend it. You can use Amazon gift cards to buy books, clothes, household items, gadgets, accessories, and even groceries. Amazon gift cards can be purchased in-store or ordered online through channels approved by the company. If you want to show a loved one that you care, gift them a UK Amazon gift card today!

How to sell Uk gift cards in Nigeria 

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Selling UK gift cards in Nigeria can be as easy as reading ABC in kindergarten, but you just need to find the right gift card exchange platform. Finding the right gift card exchange platform will go a long way in helping you successfully trade gift cards for naira without worrying about website insecurities and other features that poorly built platforms usually possess.

While there are several exchange platforms in Nigeria, the best platform to sell gift cards for cash remains Cardvest. Undoubtedly, Cardvest has continuously positioned itself as the best because it always prioritizes the needs of its users by making trading in Nigeria easier than ever.

On Cardvest, you’ll be amazed to know that UK gift cards are sold at the best rate. Over here, we want you to trade gift cards and get your money’s worth without any hassle. Other features of Cardvest include an easy user interface, excellent and timely customer service, impeccable security, referral bonuses, a rates calculator, and lots more.

To sell UK gift cards in Nigeria, create an account on the website or mobile app, click trade here, input your gift card details, click sell gift card; and your account will be credited once your transactions are confirmed by our team of experts.

How much are UK gift cards in Nigeria? 

Uk gift cards in Nigeria accrue more profits than dollar gift cards because the exchange rate for euro-naira is way higher than dollar-naira. Now that you’ve gotten a good platform for yourself like Cardvest, your profits will definitely be maximized. To calculate the value of your UK gift cards in Naira, use the Cardvest rates calculator. The calculator is an automated feature that helps you calculate the current rates of gift cards with ease. Using the rates calculator on Cardvest, the current value of some gift cards are as follows:

£100 UK vanilla gift card: 50,000 naira

£100 UK Steam gift card: 64,000 naira

£100 UK Apple gift card: 44,000 naira

£100 UK Google Play gift card: 30,000 naira

£100 UK Amazon gift card: 40,000 naira


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