How much is $100 Amazon Gift Card Cash Receipt?

amazon gift card to cash

How much is $100 Amazon Gift Card?

Issuing gift cards is one-way companies tend to drive sales. Gift cards make it easier to surprise your loved ones or friend without been scared of buying what they wouldn’t need or appreciate. Gift cards give them a variety of options to chose from especially gift cards from popular outlets like Amazon.

Amazon Gift Card

Amazon is one of the biggest eCommerce stores in the world! Amazon has almost everything ranging from wears to electronics to toys to fittings to books etc. Amazon gift cards range from $5 to $2000. This gift card can be used to purchase anything on Amazon provided that the Gift Card balance corresponds with what you want to buy. Amazon gift cards do not expire and can be used multiple times. For example, if you have a gift card worth $500, you can buy a TV worth $300 today and come back a month after to buy something else worth $150.  Amazon offers both physical and e-codes Gift cards.

Different types of Amazon Gift Card

  • Amazon e-Gift Card
  • Print-at-home Gift Card
  • Anytime Greeting Gift Cards
  • Gift Cards by Mail.

How much is Amazon gift card?

Amazon gift cards are split into various categories. For example; Amazon gift card can be USA Amazon Cash receipt (50-100), USA Amazon Cash Receipt 500 single, Amazon  US $25,$40, $75, Amazon US $110-$250, USA Amazon Activation receipt $50-$100, USA Amazon debit receipt $25-40-75, etc. Note: The rates below is as at when this article was written.

USA Amazon Cash receipt (50-100) – ₦450/$

USA Amazon Cash Receipt 500 single – ₦420/$

Amazon  US $25,$40, $75 – ₦280/$

Amazon Canada $50-$500 cash/debit receipt – ₦290/$

USA Amazon Activation receipt $50 – $99 – ₦350/$

Amazon USA no receipt $50 – $200 – ₦350/$

Amazon Germany no receipt – ₦350/$

One major challenge gift cards traders have (both newbies and professionals) is getting a platform that offers the best rate for their gift cards.

Cardvest offers the best rate for gift cards exchange in Nigeria. As a customer-oriented organization, we understand everyone is in business to make profit. That is why we have put in all measures to ensure that we trade your gift cards at the best rates. If you want to sell amazon gift cards in Nigeria, there isn’t a fixed price for gift cards and this is an effect of economic imbalance.

You can always confirm the rate of your gift card before carrying out a trade using the rate calculator. At Cardvest, we ensure that even if there is price fluctuation, you get it here at the best rate.

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