How much is $100 iTunes Gift Card in Naira?

What is an iTunes Prepaid Gift Card? | How much is $100 itunes gift card in Naira

The iTunes prepaid gift card is one of the very common prepaid gift cards especially for people that use the Apple Store. It is an amazing gift card that can be gifted to loved ones, family, friends, and people around us. These are pre-loaded cards and they can be used to purchases music, games; movies, app, and others on the App Store, the iTunes Store, at retails stores or to increase the storage on the iCloud. These gift cards can be used to complete payment of purchases items online and in stores. It can also serve as the best gift/ reward to give to people around us.

The iTunes gift card can be used to sort payment for purchases made on the App Store or the iTunes Stores for music, games, and all others. You can also subscribe to Apple music and use all other Apple services with an iTunes Gift Card.

At Carvest, it is very easy to redeem this gift card. CardVest is a very reliable online platform that allows for the exchange of gift cards like Amazon Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Card, Sephora Gift Card, OneVanilla Gift Cards, eBay Gift Cards, Steam Gift Card and a lot more. 

iTunes Gift Card usually come in denominations of $5, $10, $15, $25, $50, and $100. They do not have an expiration date and you are allowed to even use old cards without any problems. 

These cards can be used instead of a credit card conveniently. Though, there are people who are opportune to have these cards and are not interested in using them to buy anything instead are concerned with exchanging these gift cards for cash.

In previous times, people like this are usually ripped off and scammed off their iTunes gift cards because of the number of scamming trading platforms online interested in collecting these cards without making any form of payments.

These gift card owners also go through the problem of finding a platform with high rates which is usually impossible.

With CardVest, gift card owners not only enjoy the reliability that comes with trading, but they also enjoy the highest rates you can find online with quick payment for their gift cards.

How much is $100 iTunes Gift Card in Naira


As mentioned earlier, CardVest is a reliable, trusted, and well-known trading platform that allows users to enjoy quick payment during trading, best rates, and a fast and easy way to get your quick cash from the comfort of wherever you are.

How to trade your iTunes Gift Card on Cardvest;

i. Through the CardVest app: The CardVest app can be easily downloaded from either the Google Play Store on Android or the Apple Store on iOS. Then you are to proceed to log in to your account if you have previously credited one with the correct log-in details or you create an account that takes less than 5 minutes by following these simple steps. 

First, click on sign up, then proceed to type in correctly all your details which include username, password, and an existing email address. Tick the box that indicates that you are with CardVest’s privacy policy and terms.

Then click on create an account. Voila! you are done creating your CardVest account. 

You are opened to a dashboard where you are to click to add your bank details to ensure an easy withdrawal of cash. Click on ‘Wallet’ and ‘Add Bank’ when that opens up. Proceed to pick your bank name and type in your account details correctly. Your name automatically pops up if this is typed in without mistakes. However, you are allowed to add more than one bank account.

You can then click on ‘Trade’ to start your trading process. You are to select the kind of gift card you want to sell which in this card is the iTunes gift card. Pick out the category of the gift card, type the amount and proceed to upload a clear image of the gift card showing clearly all its details.

Click on ‘Place Order’ and wait for the confirmation of this card. Once your card is confirmed, you are credited immediately to your CardVest account where you can proceed to withdraw any amount directly to your account.

ii. By using the website: On your phone browser, search for CardVest official website or simply click on you have previously created an account, you can sign in by inputting the correct details or you can sign up to create a new account. This is very easy to do and can be completed in a few minutes. All you need to do is to fill in the box correctly with what is requested of you. Agree with CardVest’s privacy policy and terms and click on create an account and this process is completed. 

Once you are logged in, it opens to a navigation bar where you are required to input your bank details. This is to ensure that you can withdraw your money once it drops in your wallet. Click on ‘wallet’ which opens up to the ‘Add Bank’ tab which you are to click on. Select your bank name from the list and type in your account details. This is confirmed with the automatically popping-up of your account name. You can then proceed to start trading by clicking on ‘Trade’. Then select the gift card you want to trade; iTunes Gift Card.

Select the category of the card you want to trade. Type in the gift card amount and click on ‘Place Order’.

Once this trade is confirmed and completed, your CardVest wallet is credited. You are allowed to proceed with withdrawal to your account immediately. This is done by clicking on the ‘Wallet’ icon, inputting the amount you want to withdraw and your account is credited.

$100 iTunes card is worth NGN 86,000 at the rate of NGN 860/$. This is one of the best rates you can find online as CardVest offers its users nothing but the best. 


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