Is CardVest Legit?

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Is CardVest Legit?

Is CardVest Legit? It is not new news that CardVest is the best platform to sell gift cards in Nigeria. However, we understand that with various gift card platforms popping up, you find it difficult to determine which is legit and which isn’t? What are the criteria to determine the legality of a gift card platform such as CardVest? These and more may be some of the questions roaming in your mind. Worry no more; we have researched detailed facts to prove whether CardVest is legit or not. 

What is CardVest?

Firstly, before examining the legality of CardVest, let’s briefly explain what it entails. CardVest is Nigeria’s most profitable and customer-figured gift card trading platform. It focuses on customer-friendly service, speedy payment, and current exchange rates. It provides a modern, user-friendly platform for clients to sell, buy, and trade gift cards at the most reliable prices in Nigeria and beyond. Since its grand launch, CardVest has become a renowned gift card trading platform in the region, known for excellence, speed, and customer priority. 

Looking at the services provided by CardVest and its business model, some indications emphasize that it is legit. Some of these are as follows;

Years of Operation 

Usually, an illegal company or a Ponzi scheme would only do a few years of operation after its establishment before it folds up or runs off with people’s money. These companies could operate for two to three years, build up a clientele, and runoff. But one indicator that a company is legit is that such a company has withstood the struggle of establishing a start-up for years and is still operating. CardVest has existed for over five years and is still waxing strong, building more structure to give customers the best services. 

Is CardVest Legit?

This company has been operating since 2016. It is offering gift card trading services to its customers in the most transparent way possible. Also, during these years, there have been evident improvements in the services offered, such as incorporating Chinese rates, fast transaction rate, speedy payment. These all indicate that the company has invested in improving its services to the public, which shows its intention to remain competitive long-term.

Verifiable Location

Another indicator that CardVest is legit is the verifiable location on its website. Often, with illegal platforms, their websites either don’t have a location or have a vague one that is not specific. Thus, the location of the company is unverifiable and cannot be identified. But the reverse is the case with CardVest, which shows that it is a legit business. 

The official website of CardVest clearly states their location to be 2, Olayinka Balogun Crescent, Magodo Phase 2, Magodo, Lagos State, Nigeria. Therefore, you can perform a little test on your device right now to validate this information. Copy the address into the search bar of the Google Maps app, 

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  • The exact address will pop up with images of the street, the gate, and the building. At this stage, you might not see any affiliation of the location with CardVest. 
  • Go a step further by searching CardVest on Google Maps. The result will be the company details with the exact location as indicated on the website. This suggests that you can verify the company’s location on reputable platforms.

Indirect Validation by Reputable Platforms 

A quick check on the company’s website shows that CardVest has been mentioned in various top publications by renowned media platforms in Nigeria such as New Telegraph, The Sun, and Vanguard. This can serve as an indication that the business is legit. 

image 41

An article on one of these platforms about CardVest used words such as “security” and “trustworthiness” to describe gift card trading platforms, of which CardVest was on the list. This states that the business is one that people trust and promotes security in gift card trading for customers. Another of the articles said quotes from the Head of Marketing of CardVest, Mr. Ebenezer Oke. This emphasizes that interviews were held with company personnel, which stares that we can attach faces to the business. And this presupposes legality when the owners of a business do not hide their identity from the public. 

Responsive Support Service 

The website also states that it has a 24/7 support service that responds immediately. You can verify this claim by sending a short message to customer service through the website. The result will be prompt responses from an actual human and not bot messaging. This shows the business has invested lots of money and resources into fast customer service. This presupposes legality. 

You would agree that CardVest is as legit as gift card transactions themselves with all provable and testable points. The years of operation, the verifiable location, detailed business model, and responsive support system state that time, effort, and money invested in this business. 

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