How much is $100 iTunes gift card in Naira?

How much is $100 iTunes gift card in Naira


How much is $100 iTunes gift card in Naira? iTunes gift cards are pre-purchased credit issued by iTunes stores which serve as alternate payment. It contains a specific amount of money that can be used for the purchase of digital products like music, software, games, movies, iCloud storage space, etc.

They exist in two forms; 

  1. Itunes physical gift card: These are plastic cards purchased from convenience stores such as Walmart, Target, Walgreen, etc.
  2. Itunes Ecode: These are codes purchased online and sent to the buyer’s email address. You can buy iTunes ecodes at the Apple store.

An iTunes gift card (usually labelled as an App Store & iTunes card) is pre-purchased credit for Apple’s various digital services. This includes the iTunes Store—Apple’s media and software marketplace where you can buy music, movies, apps, and more. You can also use iTunes gift cards to subscribe to Apple Music and other Apple services.

iTunes is Apple’s marketplace for all sorts of media, software, and entertainment. If you have an iTunes gift card, you can use it to purchase apps, books, music, movies, and more.

Once redeemed, you can spend iTunes credit on these services:

  • Apps and games from the iOS App Store and Mac App Store, including Apple Arcade subscriptions.
  • Music, TV shows, and movies from iTunes or the Apple TV app.
  • Books from Apple Books.
  • Subscriptions that normally charge your iTunes accounts, such as Apple TV+ or Apple News+.
  • iCloud storage space upgrades.

How much is a $100 iTunes gift card in Naira

iTunes gift cards fluctuate over time, due to different social and economic reasons. The law of demand and supply affects the market price of iTunes cards. The current price of a $100 iTunes card is ₦330/dollar. This rate is from the best platform to trade any of your iTunes gift cards online. There is no way you can lose if you trade your iTunes card with cardvest, cause they are one of the most profitable selling platforms in Nigeria.

Prices of other iTunes cards on cardvest:

  • USA iTunes ecode 100 only — NGN400/$
  • iTunes/Apple physical 200/300 singles — NGN860/$
  • USA iTunes ecode 50 — NGN300/$
  • CANADA iTunes 100-500 — NGN550/$
  • Switzerland iTunes 50-500 — NGN750/$
  • USA iTunes ecode 200 — NGN400/$
  • USA iTunes ecode 300-500 — NGN400/$
  • USA iTunes/Apple physical 50 — NGN860/$
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Why use an iTunes gift card

  • Itunes gift card is flexible: The flexibility of the iTunes card allows it to be used by anyone, both ios and android users. For movies enthusiast, an iTunes card can be used to purchase movies on Apple TV as well as music on Apple music. For book lovers, you can browse through a massive library of books on Apple Books, make a choice and purchase as many as you want with the gift card. For game enthusiasts, the iTunes gift card offers the opportunity to download premium games to keep you entertained.
  • It Ideal for business boost: The iTunes card is perfect for marketing promotions. They can also be used as a prize for online contests. You can also put it in gift bags for valued clients. They work well as giveaways at trade fairs. What more? They can be used as simple tokens of your appreciation for just anyone.
  • iTunes never expires: A large number of gift cards have an expiry date, but iTunes card isn’t one of them. Having this gift card, therefore, brings certainty and the assurance that your card would always be there. Peradventure there are problems with redeeming your gift card, chances you didn’t get it from a good seller are high. Redeeming your credit on this card is a direct process as long as you are sure it is an Apple Store Gift Card with a 16-digit code.
  • They make good gifts and can be used online: Talk about convenience at your fingertips. You can also forget going to the mall and suffering through traffic or long lines. By buying your gift card on the Web, you save time and money. And you do away with the stress of shopping, which is usual for the holidays. Not only that, your recipient instantly gets your gift online. This gift card also comes in different denominations. It could be a part of a package or the package itself. It’s a gift that can be used by anyone, so the gender of the recipient wouldn’t be an issue. Should you have trouble getting the perfect gift for someone, you may start thinking about this gift card.
  • Fair Value: The iTunes gift card is one of the most popular gift cards with fair resale value. Apple devices are very popular increasing the demand for this gift card. If you have no use for your card, then you sure can sell it for a fair price.

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