How much is $200 iTunes e-codes in Naira?

How much is $200 iTunes e-codes

200 iTunes e-codes in Naira? iTunes is Apple’s online store for media, software, and entertainment. You will find everything you need to enjoy the Apple experience on the iTunes online store. To take advantage of all the features of iTunes, you’ll need an iTunes gift card.

200 iTunes e-codes in Naira

The iTunes online store accepts iTunes gift cards for the purchase of media resources. You can use it for purchasing books and apps. You can even watch movies with it.

It enables you to use Apple’s various digital services (such as iTunes and App Store) with a pre-purchased credit card. Other Apple services, including Apple Music, can also be subscribed to with iTunes gift cards.

If you want to buy either iTunes or Apple Store gift cards, you should know the difference between them. With an Apple Store gift card, you can purchase Apple products in Apple’s physical and online stores, such as iPhones and MacBooks.

You can purchase a physical iTunes gift card or a digital one sent via email from Apple. You can buy the gift card from any online store in Nigeria. In addition, You can purchase iTunes gift cards from companies such as CardVest. Your gift card can be used as long as it is applied to your account so that the credit remains active.

There are several ways to check the balance of your iTunes gift card. The sign-in button at the top of the screen or the app store will allow you to access your account. Your balance can be viewed under your name. You can easily find out the balance of an iTunes gift card by looking at the card’s body if you have not redeemed it yet.

How much is $200 iTunes e-codes

If you have been wondering how much is $200 iTunes e-codes in naira, we have the answer for you. A $200 iTunes e-codes costs NGN 80,000.

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This rate is constantly changing and updating based on market movements.

iTunes Gift Card Costs

The rates for other forms of iTunes gift card includes;

USA iTunes e-code 100 only (400/$)

iTunes/Apple Physical 200/300 single (860/$)

USA iTunes/Apple Physical $100 only (860/$)

USA iTunes e-code 50 (400/$)

CANADA iTunes physical 100-500 (550/$)

Switzerland iTunes physical 50-500 (750/$)

USA iTunes e-code 200 (400/$)

USA iTunes e-code 300-500 (400/$)

USA iTunes/apple physical 50 (790/$)

How to sell iTunes gift cards for Naira

If you decide not to use your iTunes card at the iTunes store, you can convert it to cash. In this sense, gift cards provide a mechanism for exchanging value among people. 

The process of converting your iTunes card into cash is quite simple. 

  • Go to CardVest and click “trade now” on the home page. 
  • If you haven’t already created an account with CardVest, you will need to do so. 
  • Once you have created an account, an iTunes gift card can be traded. Your dashboard will appear once that has been done.

Why you should trade with CardVest

It is not just the user experience on the website that makes CardVest stand out, but also how its services are provided. We at Cardvest have done extensive research on the major issues associated with trading gift cards. As a result, we found out that customers appreciated having the best rates in the market in addition to the ease of transaction. With this vital information at hand, Cardvest has invested in providing its customers with a rate calculator continually updated with the latest Chinese rates. The result of doing business with Cardvest is that you get the best possible rates as you trade using Chinese rates.

The corporate world demands that its employees and customers be rewarded in the most pleasing way possible. As a result, we have designed a strategy for helping such corporate entities with bulk payments. A system has been developed to deliver gift cards in record time to employees. We also offer standby customer care where you can get the help you need immediately. We aim to satisfy our clients completely.

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By being intentional about our relationships with our clients and our brand loyalty, Cardvest has established itself as the best gift card company in Nigeria. Furthermore, by focusing on empathy and incentives, we have demonstrated our understanding of human behavior. In this vein, we have developed a structure where our gift cards are delivered promptly to customers and are accompanied by messages that engage their emotional attachment to the brand. We also prioritize our clients in all transactions and referrals. We have worked with individuals and corporate entities in the past, so you can check out our reviews if you want to verify this.

Undoubtedly, CardVest offers the best gift cards in Nigeria. It has been tested and trusted to deliver top service because of its established structure to handle various situations.


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