How much is $25 iTunes gift card in Naira

How much is $25 iTunes gift card to Naira

25 iTunes gift card in Naira? iTunes is a software application by Apple inc. for playing, downloading, and managing audio and video files. Apple iTunes is a software that lets you add, play or organize your digital media collection on your system. You will get all that you need to enjoy the apple experience on the iTunes online store.

You will need an iTunes gift card to access the features of iTunes. An iTunes gift card is pre-purchased credit for Apple’s digital services.

You can use iTunes gift cards to purchase media resources from the iTunes online store. You can use it to purchase apps, music, books, and apps, among other things. Users can even watch movies with it. 

25 iTunes gift card in Naira

It is important to note that iTunes gift cards are different from Apple store gift cards. Gift cards for the Apple Store enable you to purchase Apple products such as iPhones either in person or online. In contrast, iTunes gift cards are available as physical cards and digital codes. If the gift card is loaded into your account, it will not expire. Gift cards can only be redeemed in the same iTunes store from where they were purchased.

Apple offers physical iTunes gift cards as well as digital ones that can be emailed to the recipient. In Nigeria, gift cards can be purchased online at any store. CardVest, for example, offers iTunes gift cards for purchase. 

The gift card credit remains active as long as you apply it to your account. You can check the iTunes gift card balance in several ways:

  1. You can access your account by clicking on the sign-in button at the top of the screen or using the app store.
  2. You can view your balance under your name.
  3. If you have not yet redeemed your iTunes gift card, you can check its balance by looking at its body.

You can sell iTunes gift cards for cash by following these steps

You can easily convert your iTunes card into cash if you have not used it or you do not plan to use it at the iTunes store. Gift cards can be very useful in this way. They are used to exchange value between people. 

Your iTunes card can be converted into cash in a few simple steps. 

  1. Visit CardVest and click the “trade now” button. 
  2. You will need to create an account with CardVest if you have not already done so. 
  3. After creating an account, you can trade iTunes gift cards. After that, you’ll be able to view your dashboard.

How much is a $25 iTunes card

If you have been wondering how much $25 iTunes gift cards are in Naira, we have the answer. A $25 iTunes gift cards costs #6500

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The rate is constantly changing and updating depending on market conditions. The rates for other forms of iTunes gift card includes:

  • USA iTunes e-code 100 only (280/$),
  •  iTunes/Apple Physical 200/300 single (350/$),
  •  USA iTunes/Apple Physical $100 only (330/$),
  •  USA iTunes e-code 50 (250/$), 
  • CANADA iTunes physical 100-500 (160/$), 
  • Switzerland iTunes physical 50-500 (320/$), 
  • USA iTunes e-code 200 (240/$), 
  • USA iTunes e-code 300-500 (210/$) and, 
  • USA iTunes/apple physical 50 (260/$)

Here are some reasons why you should trade with CardVest

CardVest stands out not just for the user experience on the website but also for how it provides its services. At Cardvest, we have conducted extensive research on the major issues involved with trading gift cards. Through our research, we discovered that customers also appreciated the ease of transactions and having the best rates in the market. Therefore, Cardvest invests in providing its customers with a rate calculator that is continuously updated with the latest Chinese rates with this information at hand. Thus, by trading with Cardvest, you get the best possible rates since Chinese exchange rates are used.

It is imperative that companies reward their employees and customers in the most pleasing way possible. Therefore, we have created a strategy to help these types of corporate entities make bulk payments. We’ve developed a system to deliver gift cards to employees as quickly as possible. We also offer standby customer care where you can get the help you need immediately. We aim to satisfy our clients completely.

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We have established Cardvest as the best gift card company in Nigeria by intentional about our relationships with clients and our brand loyalty. We have demonstrated our understanding of human behavior by emphasizing empathy and incentives. As a result, we have created a structure in which our gift cards are delivered promptly to customers along with messages that resonate emotionally with them. Our clients are also our priority in every transaction and referral. Please check our past reviews if you would like to verify our experience working with individuals and corporate entities.

Undoubtedly, CardVest offers the best gift cards in Nigeria. It has been tested and trusted to deliver top service because of its established structure to handle various situations.

How to check iTunes gift card balance


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