10 Gift Cards With The Best Exchange Rate In 2024

Which gift card has the best exchange rate in Nigeria? This is a common question posed by individuals seeking to sell gift cards in Nigeria. The reason behind this curiosity is the desire to obtain gift cards that yield a significant resale value. Being aware of the gift cards commanding the highest rates provides an advantageous edge, and we are here to provide you with the relevant information. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of gift cards in Nigeria that currently offer the most favorable rates.

Which Gift Card Has the Highest Rate Now?

10 Gift Cards With The Best Exchange Rate In 2024

Steam gift card is currently the gift card with the highest value. The various types of Steam gift cards are traded at high rates on Cardvest.

  • UK Steam Physical 50-200 — NGN 1180/$ 
  • Steam UK £10 – 49 – NGN 1030/$
  • UK steam ecode 50 – 500 – NGN 1200/$
  • Steam Switzerland Physical – NGN 1100/$
  • Euro steam physical €10 – €200 — NGN 1030/$
  • USA steam physical $20 – $200 — NGN 970/$
  • Steam US Ecode — NGN 650/$

Cardvest is Nigeria and Ghana’s most profitable and customer-focused gift card trading app. You get the best value for your gift card if you sell on the platform. You can use the rate calculator feature to check the prevailing exchange rate for various gift cards.

Gift Cards With High Exchange Rate In Nigeria 2024

  1. Steam Gift Card
  2. RazerGold Gift Card
  3. FootLocker Gift Card
  4. Nordstrom Gift Card
  5. GooglePlay Gift Card
  6. Macy Gift Card
  7. Sephora Gift Card
  8. eBay Gift Card
  9. Visa Gift Card
  10. iTunes Gift Card

These are Nigeria’s top ten gift cards with the most favourable rates. These options offer lucrative opportunities for selling. If you’re interested in gift card exchange, the Cardvest website is a reliable platform where you can conveniently sell any of these gift cards. With its user-friendly interface and secure processes, Cardvest ensures a seamless experience for all your gift card transactions. You can check the value of these gift cards on the Cardvest rate calculator feature on the website and mobile app.

Download Cardvest mobile app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

How To Sell Gift Cards on Cardvest

  • Create an account with ease. At Cardvest, you have two convenient registration options at your disposal. You can download the Cardvest mobile app or register directly through the web. Whichever method you opt for, rest assured that the registration process is swift and straightforward. Once you have successfully completed the registration, you can log in and seamlessly navigate to your personalised dashboard.
  • On your dashboard, click “Trade card” and select the type of gift card you want to sell. Enter the USD value of the gift card and the value in Naira or Cedis will be automatically calculated.
  • On the next page, upload an image that clearly displays all the relevant details of the gift card you are about to trade. Click ‘Proceed to trade card’. Once the authenticity of the gift card has been confirmed, funds will be added to your Cardvest wallet. From there, you can easily withdraw to your local bank account. Withdrawal is instant on Cardvest.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Gift Cards In Nigeria

How to check gift card rates in Nigeria?

To ascertain the gift card rates in Nigeria, the initial step is to identify the specific type of gift card you possess, as rates can vary based on the card’s type. Nigeria offers a range of diverse gift card options.  Choose a reputable platform like Cardvest to check the rate.

Is selling gift cards legal in Nigeria?

Indeed, the sale of gift cards in Nigeria is a legally permissible activity. It is crucial to emphasise that specific regulations and guidelines govern the sale of gift cards within the country. 

Cardvest is a registered platform to sell gift cards in Nigeria.

How Can I Sell Gift Card For Cash In Nigeria?

You can sell your gift cards for cash on reputable exchange platforms. There are some good exchanges like CardVest.

You only need to register on CArdvest through the website or mobile app.

Which Gift Card Have The Highest Rate?

According to research, UK Steam Gift Card is the best gift card with high resale value and the highest rates.

Hence, the UK Steam Physical Gift Card is the Highest and Top-selling gift card Today.


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