Types of gift cards in Turkey

Types of gift cards in Dubai AED

Types of gift cards in Turkey; Gift cards are store-value cards loaded with funds depending on your preferred amount, which can be used to make purchases and complete financial transactions. Gift cards are widely known for their convenience. They make payment easier and safer in ways that physical cash cannot compete.

In Turkey, different businesses offer gift cards to their customers as a form of promotional campaign and to ease payment. There are different types of gift cards. Some are closed-loop gift cards meaning they can only be used in the stores that disbursed them, while others are open-loop gift cards meaning they can be used to make payments in different stores. Gift cards cannot be used to withdraw money from ATMs in Turkey.

The best gift cards found in Turkey are discussed in the next section.

Types of gift cards in Turkey

Some of the best gift cards in Turkey are discussed below.

Apple Store gift card

Sell Apple Gift Cards

Many have joked that if Apple decides to place its logo on a paper and decides to sell it for $1000, it would sell out within minutes. Apple did what brands like Nokia and Samsung couldn’t do by establishing a name that screams more than luxury. That is why you are one of the few who own an Apple Store gift card or have been gifted one in your lifetime. This is because an Apple Store gift card can be used to purchase any Apple product, hardware, or software. With an Apple store gift card, you can conveniently buy books, music, movies, MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, AirPods, and lots more from the Apple store in Turkey. So if you have an Apple Store gift card in Turkey, don’t keep it in your drawer and let it waste. Activate the gift card on the Apple website, and redeem your gift card for any product of your choice.

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Carrefour gift cards

Carrefour is a popular French multinational retail and wholesale company with its headquarters in France and branches in different countries, including Turkey. With a Carrefour gift card, you can make complete or partial payments for purchases in any Carrefour store in Turkey. The gift card makes shopping convenient and easy. It is also a perfect gift for friends or loved ones that enjoy retail therapy seeing that Carrefour sells products at discounted prices. Carrefour only distributes physical gift cards. Hence it cannot be used online. You can walk into any Carrefour complex to purchase your Carrefour gift cards.

Ikea gift cards

Ikea is a top-rated Swedish home furniture retail store. They are known for creating some of the finest, most luxurious, and plush furniture from the finest materials ever known to man. The brand operates in many countries now after opening its first store in Istanbul in May 2005. Ikea furniture is good quality, easy to assemble, and affordable. So, if you have a friend that is moving into a new apartment and you’re looking for a gift to buy them, the Ikea gift card is the perfect gift.

Ikea gift cards are unlike Carrefour gift cards, only physical. An Ikea gift card can be purchased and redeemed physically and digitally. This means that the possibilities with an IKEA gift card are endless!

Boyner gift cards

Boyner is a retail company that deals in almost everything except electronics. The company started its operations in Boyner, Turkey, in 1981. With a Boyner gift card, you can purchase products ranging from women, men, children, and teens, active sportswear, shoes, home decoration, accessories, and cosmetics.

Amazon gift card

Types of gift cards in Turkey

Amazon is the largest and most successful e-commerce company in the world. They are known for trading products ranging from clothing and appliances to kitchen utensils. You can never go wrong with an Amazon gift card.

Can I sell Turkey Apple gift cards in Nigeria?

Yes, you can sell your Turkey Apple gift cards in Nigeria. The process is relatively easy if you find a suitable exchange platform.

The best platform to sell your Turkey gift cards in Nigeria is Cardvest. The reasons why Cardvest is the best are many, but the most prevalent that has constantly been on the lips of our old and new customers is “simplicity and good rates.” As a trader, you can never go wrong with Cardvest. The platform was well-developed to make gift card trading easy for Nigerians. The platform has a simple user interface and is well-secured, so you never have to worry about unauthorized third parties accessing your accounts.

The rates you find on Cardvest cannot be compared with any other platform. With our rates, your profits will always be maximized. To register on Cardvest, visit our websites or click the direct links on the app to download the app so that you can always trade on the go.

How much is a Turkey Apple gift card in Nigeria 

The current value of a Turkey Apple gift card can be calculated using the Cardvest rates calculator. Like every other feature on Cardvest, the calculator is easy to navigate. Visit the Cardvest website, click check rates, input your Apple gift card details, and the equivalent in naira will be displayed immediately.

The current rate of a $100 Turkey Apple gift card in Nigeria is 2,000 naira.


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