How to Exchange Nordstrom Gift Card for Naira

How to Exchange Nordstrom Gift Card for Naira

Exchange Nordstrom Gift Card for Naira: Nordstrom is an American retailer of clothing, footwear, handbags, jewelry, beauty products, and accessories. Nordstrom also offers an online store with online shopping options around the world 24/7. A Nordstrom gift card is a prepaid card you can use to buy jewellery, clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories at Nordstrom Stores online. Nordstrom gift cards can be purchased on the Nordstrom website or at any Nordstrom store and they do not expire.

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Cardvest is a platform that helps people trade their unused Nordstrom gift cards for cash. Cardvest has made it easy for Nigerians to trade gift cards online, so it is no longer necessary for them to go through the trouble of giving away the gift card or mailing it across state borders. Here are the simple steps to follow to exchange your Nordstrom gift card for naira on Cardvest:

i. Visit or download the app.

ii. Open a new account by clicking the “Sign up” button. Sign in if you already have an existing account.

iii. You will be directed to a dashboard where you will add your bank details. Click on the navigation bar, then click on ‘wallet’. Click on ‘Add bank’. Select your Bank name amongst the ones listed and correctly type in your account number. Your account name will automatically reflect. 

iv. Click on ‘Trade’ to sell your Nordstrom gift card for naira. Type in the gift card amount and proceed to upload a clear image of the gift card. Click on ‘Place Order’ as soon as you’re done.

v. Once your trade is confirmed, your CardVest wallet will be credited in Naira. Proceed to withdraw to your personal account by clicking on the wallet icon. 

How to check Nordstrom gift card balance

To check the balance on your Nordstrom gift card:

i. Visit

ii. Input your Nordstrom gift card number and access number. Make sure you fill in the details correctly. 

iii. Click on check balance.

You can also visit any Nordstrom store and ask a cashier to check the balance on your Nordstrom gift card for you. Alternatively, you can call Nordstrom Customer Service (1-844-639-8924). It is toll-free. 

How to redeem Nordstrom gift card

Nordstrom gift cards are popular gift cards that allow the recipient to shop at any Nordstrom store. To redeem your Nordstrom gift card, you should visit a Nordstrom location near you and present your gift card which will be scanned by the cashier. You can also redeem your Nordstrom gift card online. When you’re purchasing online at Nordstrom, enter the card number and access code during Checkout. It is that easy. The Nordstrom gift card is a great way to shop for your favorite items at Nordstrom such as clothing, shoes, beauty products, and more without having to worry about the cost.

Why trade with Cardvest?

Easy to use: The Cardvest platform is an easy to use and convenient way for people to trade their gift cards for cash. It has an easy and straightforward interface for selling gift cards online in Nigeria. The app has a user-friendly design.

Range of gift cards: At Cardvest, you can buy and sell a wide range of gift cards which includes; eBay, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Steam, Sephora, Netflix, Spotify, Nordstrom, Visa gift card, Apple Store, American express (AMEX), Footlocker gift card, Playstation gift card, Walmart gift card, Nike gift card and so on.

Rate offers: You can only get the best rate offers for your gift cards with Cardvest. Cardvest also provides you with an easy rate calculator so you know exactly how much your gift card is worth in naira.

Fast payment: Cardvest is a platform that allows gift card traders to enjoy fast payment for their trade. Cardvest makes sure that transactions are completed instantly and smoothly with a minimum of fuss. This is just one of the many reasons why you should consider using Cardvest. 

24/7 customer support: Cardvest has an efficient customer service team that is there to answer any questions you might have. The team helps customers with any queries they might have through live chat, email support as well as phone support.


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