How to Trade Nordstrom Gift Card For Cedis

Trade Nordstrom Gift Card For Cedis: Did you know that the Nordstrom company ranked the top fashion retailer in a popular fashion trade magazine, “Women’s wear daily?”

Nordstrom company is an American Luxury department retail store created in 1901. They are involved in wear and body adornments like clothes, jewelry, handbags, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, and fragrances. The company kicked off with shoe sales but upgraded to a retail store that offers various body wear services and house accessories. To get to what Nordstrom gift card entails, we would like to explain what gift card is and things related to them alongside their usage.

Nordstrom gift card

Now back to Nordstrom gift cards. We stated earlier that Nordstrom is a retail store company involved in selling bodywear and house accessories. To purchase the Nordstrom gift card, you can either visit the Nordstrom Rack stores or their online server via and flash-sale site, and it attracts no fee on purchase. A fun fact about this card that distinguishes it from other cards is the longevity of the use (No expiry date). The Nordstrom gift card is a closed-loop gift card and, hence, is restricted to stores allocated by the company.

You can only redeem them at  Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack stores in the United States and online at,, and You can purchase your exotic male and female wears at the store and for parents to buy clothes and other necessities for their babies and kids.

Knowing what a Nordstrom gift card is and how you can use it, it’s noteworthy to have a systematic order on how to obtain the card and check for your balance.

Trade Nordstrom Gift Card For Cedis

Trade Nordstrom Gift Card For Cedis

How to obtain a Nordstrom gift card:

  • Visit via your browser.
  • On the Homepage, click on “Buy now,” where the inscription “Purchase a Gift Card or eGift Card.”
  • The following page asks “who’s the gift card for” and gives the option to buy for “a friend” or for “yourself.”
  • The purchase for your friend requests for your name and the recipient’s name and a button with the inscription “pick a card” while the purchase for yourself shows the button “pick a card,” which directs you on the form or type of card you want (e-gift card or a physical gift card).
  • After you’ve chosen the kind of gift you want, it requests why you are buying e.g. for birthday, styling services, occasion, and other reasons. Then you proceed to put the amount you wish to purchase.
  • Afterward, you can choose any payment method, which is PayPal or the use of a credit/debit card. You input the card details and personal information and proceed to payment.
  • Afterward, We will direct you on how to get your card. Either as an email or how to get it at their store.

After you might have purchased this card and maybe spent a little out of it, or you were gifted this card with no intention of buying any of Nordstrom products, or you are in dire need of money, what can you do? This is where we at Cardvest come in, and We exchange your Nordstrom gift card for any currency of your preference. But this article will only explain how to exchange your Nordstrom gift card to cedis and also benefit from the sweet exchange rate you can’t find elsewhere.

Exchange Your Nordstrom Gift Card For Cedis

  • Visit on your browser or download the cardvest app on the play store to get started
  • Sign up with the required details and confirm your registration with your email.
  • Then sign in after registration.
  • On the upper left side of the phone, three lines are shown, which you click and select the trade card option.
  • It directs you to a new page, and you select the Nordstrom gift card under the gift card category.
  • Afterward, you choose the amount of the gift card you want to exchange in the next box.
  • The next box requires you to input the amount you want to convert, automatically displaying the conversion to cedis.
  • Then proceed to trade card.
  • The next page asks for the details of the card, which you input the card pins and other necessitated requests.
  • After your card details are confirmed and validated, payment is made instantaneously to your local bank.

Our service is instantaneous, and we also prioritize our customer satisfaction. Trade with cardvest and enjoy peace.

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What is a gift card

A gift card is a prepaid card issued to users that contains a certain amount of cash that can be spent at the card’s stores or strategic locations. It’s pretty distinct from the archaic debit/credit bank cards as it can’t perform some functions like theirs. It’s primarily used as gifts to show appreciation to recipients, hence the name gift card.

Many companies adopted gift cards since they saw the immense returns of the profit and how people and organizations purchase these cards for use. Many gift cards are issued by the company that owns the card and can only be obtained at these companies’ strategic locations (also known as closed-loop gift cards). Gift cards come in 2 different forms which is the;

  • A physical gift card and
  • E-gift card (electronic gift card).

You can only obtain the physical gift card manually, but transactions in getting the card can be digital, while you can only purchase the e-gift card digitally. The physical gift card can serve the purpose of the e-gift card by using the pins for online transactions and also used to purchase at retail stores physically with the card, while You can only use the e-gift cards online. However, people adopted the e-gift card much more because it seems much easier and safer. Little do we know that billions of dollars are spent on gift cards yearly, a research conducted in America showed that $9 billion was spent on gift cards throughout 2019. 

Several business organizations that adopted gift cards have seen tremendous increments ever since. They include Nordstrom card, Amazon card, Walmart card, Visa card, iTunes card, Target card, Nike card, Starbuck card, Sephora card, Netflix card, etc.


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