How to check balance on a Nordstrom: A Nordstrom gift card is a type of gift card that can be redeemed for merchandise at any Nordstrom store or online at The card can be used to purchase clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty products, and more. The recipient of the gift card can use it to make purchases up to the value stored on the card.

Here are some facts about Nordstrom gift cards:

  1. Nordstrom gift cards never expire and have no fees.
  2. Gift cards can be used at any Nordstrom store or online at
  3. Gift cards can be purchased in any denomination between $5 and $500.
  4. Gift cards can be reloaded with additional funds at any time.
  5. Gift cards can be returned for a refund if they are unused and in their original packaging within 90 days of purchase.
  6. Nordstrom offers e-gift cards that can be delivered instantly via email.
  7. Nordstrom gift cards can be combined with other payment methods such as credit cards

Checking the balance of a Nordstrom gift card regularly is important to make the most out of the card and have a seamless shopping experience. Keeping track of the balance helps avoid disappointment at the checkout, as it ensures that the full value of the card is being used. By checking the balance prior to shopping, one can better plan and budget. Also, regularly checking the balance helps detect any unauthorized transactions or discrepancies. Staying on top of the gift card balance helps ensure a smooth shopping experience at Nordstrom.

How to check balance on a Nordstrom gift card

To check the balance on a Nordstrom gift card, you have several convenient options available, such as logging into your Nordstrom account to view the balance online, asking a sales associate in-store, or calling the Nordstrom customer service line and providing the gift card number. It’s important to have the gift card number readily accessible for a quick balance check, no matter which method you choose. Let’s consider each method briefly.

How to check balance on a Nordstrom
How to check balance on a Nordstrom
  • Checking Online: To check the balance of your Nordstrom gift card online, you need to have a Nordstrom account and the gift card number. Here are the steps:
    • Visit and log in to your account.
    • Click on the “Gift Cards” option in the account menu.
    • Enter the gift card number and click “Check Balance.”
    • The current balance of the gift card will be displayed on the screen.

  • In-store method: This method is most convenient for people who have access to Nordstrom store around them. To check the balance of your Nordstrom gift card in-store, you need to take along the gift card with you to any Nordstrom store.
    • Visit a Nordstrom store and approach a sales associate.
    • Request to check the balance of your gift card.
    • Provide the sales associate with your gift card number.
    • The sales associate will check the balance for you and provide you with the current amount. By checking the balance in-store, you can have a physical reference of the remaining balance and be able to make purchases immediately if desired.
  • Customer service line: To check the balance of your Nordstrom gift card over the phone, you need the gift card number. Follow these steps:
    • Call Nordstrom’s customer service line at 1 (888) 282-6060.
    • Provide the customer service representative with your gift card number.
    • The representative will check the balance for you and provide the current amount. By calling Nordstrom’s customer service, you can quickly and easily check the balance of your gift card without having to go to a store or log into your online account.

Also, checking the balance on your Nordstrom gift card can be helpful when considering selling it for cash. Knowing the exact value of the card will help you determine its worth and ensure that you receive a fair price for it. To sell a Nordstrom gift card, there are various platforms available, with Cardvest being one of the most reliable.


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