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How do I sell my Amazon gift card for Naira?

 i. Visit CardVest Official website or download the CardVest App ii. Click on sign up to create an account if you don’t have an account. Input the necessary details to get your account created. Sign in with your correct login details if you have an existing account. iii. On the navigation bar, click on ‘Trade’ to sell your Amazon gift card. Select Amazon gift card as the gift card you want to sell. Type in the gift card amount and proceed to upload a clear image of your Amazon gift card. Click on ‘Place Order’ as soon as you are

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eCode Gift Cards and How They Work

eCode gift cards are virtual gift cards popular in this age. The card is delivered to the receiver via text messages or emails. The eCode is a pin code that is inputed on the checkout web page when you make purchases.  Advantages of eCode Gift Cards 1) Instant Usage: When you receive the pin of the eCode on your devices, you can enjoy its usage almost immediately. The physical card cannot offer the same speed of usage as the eCode gift card.  2) Security: eCode gift cards are less prone to scams than physical gift cards. Gift cards sold in brick-and-mortar stores

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eBay Gift Card: What you should know

eBay gift card is one of the most popular gift card around. eBay gift cards ranges from $10 to $500 and can be used to purchase anything on eBay ranging from electronics, wears, toys etc. Ebay gift cards are available physically and as e-codes. One of the great feature about eBay gift card is that they do not expire and have no fee. eBay issues their gift cards through their site or in retail locations. It is one of the famous gift card in the US. eBay offers amazing discounts on their products Click here to create an account on

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Xbox Gift Cards: What you should know

One of the vastly popular ways of gift-giving is through gift cards. It gives you the chance to explore a variety of options in choosing your kind of gift. Gift cards serve as the perfect gift, instead of thinking of the perfect color, size, or taste of the person you are gifting. In general, they give your recipient the liberty to choose the exact specification of what they want. Xbox is a video gaming brand; consisting of about five different video game consoles, streaming services, game applications, and an online gaming space called Xbox Network. The Xbox gaming brand is

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Gift cards can be in two forms; open-loop and closed-loop. The advantage of an open-loop gift card over a closed-loop gift card is that it can be used anywhere the branch of the card is accepted. On the other hand, a closed-loop gift card can only be used at a specific merchant

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